We’re providing what the big boys cannot… a Valuable, Personal Alternative.

Spirit owns and operates its own national voice and data network as well as utilises the infrastructure of much larger telcos, with access to the same provisioning and fault management systems. Our selection of supplying partners allows Spirit to deliver a ‘Best of Breed’ platform. Spirit puts all of your services on one bill and on–line. This makes administration easier, saves unnecessary paper printing and saves the environment.


Spirit is structured for personal service: An account management team that is there to assist in your business’ growth; An operations team to problem solve any issues that may arise; A management team that is always accessible; Oh, and when the phone rings… we answer it!

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We are not out to be a big Telco, we’re out to be a better Telco. We will never act like a big Telco. We like delivering ‘real’ service.

Spirit’s point of difference is our people.

We like to think that Spirit is a place where communication is direct and uncomplicated! We have access to the same systems and infrastructure as the major telco providers… so what’s our point of difference? Our people! We provide a valuable personal alternative. Working with our customers, Spirit will advise and provide the solution most suited to meeting your requirements.