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Spirit provides a Fibre based network that delivers a commercial suite of higher bandwidth services well beyond the NBN and unreliable services. We say the Internet should be “frustration free”.

Custom fit the way you work

No two businesses are the same; from size, operation and service. Therefore, we have created a smarter and dedicated network that is tailored to your company and fit for purpose.

Solutions for Business, great or small

Spirit Ethernet means symmetrical Internet built for ‘cloud’. Symmetrical Internet connections have the same download and upload speeds. Businesses are not just browsing and downloading from the Internet, they are also contributing and uploading to it. It is therefore critical to perform any task with dependability.

Speeds up to 1000MB/1GB.


Cloud brings together all your real-time communication services such as Instant Messaging (IM), telephony, video conferencing and data sharing into a single communication platform.

This means your business can gain flexibility, reduce costs, risks associated with communications investments, and more effectively support remote branch office and mobile workers.


Telephony solutions enable your business to connect the right people with the right information at the right time. Our range of handsets and conferencing devices deliver high definition (HD) voice, video and content within a simple and intuitive user interface.


UC-One is an easy-to-use application that enables you to access all your communication services, telephony, video, instant messaging from any supported device. It is seamlessly integrated with your mobile devices so you can communicate and collaborate with your colleagues anytime, anywhere.

Instant Messaging & Presence

Instant Messaging (IM) & Presence offers chat, buddy lists, user status and telephony integration. IM facilitates rapid information exchange, real-time decision making, which improves organisational responsiveness and customer satisfaction.


IP Tel includes software and high definition audio and video devices delivering collaborative conferencing to your team.

Call Centre

Call Centre delivers a comprehensive solution to meet the demands of a broad range of call centres. Our solution is cloud-hosted and can be delivered seamlessly to multiple sites via a web-browser.

What speeds are right for your business?

Every business and its operations are different, therefore we recommend first to get in touch with us so that we can best guide you on the speed that would work best for your organisation. At Spirit, we have plans that range from 25Mbps to 1000Mbps.

If we are not the NBN – what are we?

We love this question.

NBN is a National wholesaler, which means you still need to go to your everyday reseller (Telstra, iiNet, TPG etc) for an actual connection to the Internet. Spirit is an independent network and a retailer of our ‘fit for purpose’ network.

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