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  • Sign up at one of Spirit’s Wi-Fi hotspots located in reception and recreational areas or plug in your Ethernet cable from your computer to the data-point in your room.
  • Open up your preferred browser you will be automatically redirected to the Spirit sign-up page and click on ‘New User’, then follow the registration process.
  • If you are not automatically redirected, enter the following web address on your computer: http://myaccount.spirit.com.au/login

Need Wi-Fi in your room?

Purchase a Spirit pre-configured Wi-Fi router. Available to buy here. We will configure and post it to College Square reception. Your Wi-Fi name and password will be included with the router.

IMPORTANT: You can only use Spirit provided Wi-Fi devices, other routers / modems will be blocked by our network security and you will need to calls us to unblock your connection. Please DO NOT connect any Modems / Routers / Access Points which are not approved by Spirit.


Contact our customer service team online CLICK HERE, or call us 1800 18 14 19

Spirit’s Ultra Fast Fiber Internet is not replaced by the NBN

Dear College Square residents, you may have received a letter from the NBN, stating that landline phones and Internet services will be cut off. Be assured that Spirit’s services remain intact and unaffected by the NBN at College Square. Please refer to NBN’s explanation regarding Spirit’s services on our Facebook page here: http://on.fb.me/1CfTcRb