Building Communities with
Ultra-Fast Internet

Spirit Communities

The importance of powerful Internet is felt throughout every corner of our society. ‘Digital Inclusion’ in 2017 is about having access to online services and opportunities that shape our how we live our lives everyday.

At Spirit, this means not only providing our services to the commercial, residential apartment and student accommodation precincts, but to also find a solution for those currently with no or poor internet services. In particular, we have identified public housing/social housing as sectors in the community who most face ‘digital disadvantage’.

We recognise that to achieve that goal requires something we specialise in – taking an innovative approach to seemingly difficult problems.  So Spirit Telecom has created a division called Spirit Communities to embody our Corporate Social Responsibility with the aim of promoting equity of quality broadband access and increased digital participation, at an affordable price.

Spirit Communities already operates in the Fitzroy and Collingwood public housing precincts and partners with Infoxchange to promote access, use and digital inclusion.  The lessons we have learnt from these two communities has led us to believe that all public housing estates have the potential to be transformed.  Spirit Communities is now looking to further engage the right partners, the local communities, local and state governments to share our innovative approach to delivering ultra high-speed Internet across these estates.

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Fitzroy and Collingwood Community residents, get connected to Spirit’s powerful Internet and experience Ultra-Fast speeds, symmetrical uploading and downloading and no contract options!