3 Powerful Automation Apps to Help Transform Your Business

Business automation tools have made significant strides in recent times. When correctly employed as part of your secure, modern digital workplace, these solutions have the power to positively transform your business operation. Automating tedious tasks will free up your team to do the fun strategic stuff and things that matter to the business, like keeping your customers happy, increasing profit and productivity! 

Collaborate on Documents Using SharePoint  

SharePoint is a document management solution that facilitates seamless collaboration using Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Having a live file saved in the cloud will allow everyone in your organisation to work simultaneously on the same document with changes tracked and marked, meaning ideas and edits can be attributed to their author. This is crucial when creating documents that require numerous drafts and sign-offs.    

SharePoint can also help you avoid the nightmare scenario of having multiple versions of a document circulating amongst your teammates and the time wasted by working on an outdated copy. It prevents the frustration of having someone anonymously trample all over your work because you’ll know when Wanda decides to change that strategy deck you’ve stayed up late finishing. On the upside, you can quickly identify the resident stickler for the Queen’s English and perfect apostrophe usage!   

SharePoint also minimises the possibility of lost or misplaced files, particularly when combined with our Workspace 365 Backup solution. Combining the two packages will offer complete document security and allow you to incorporate all key stakeholders’ feedback and input effortlessly.    

Streamline Tasks with Power Automate

As we juggle busy work schedules, the effective allocation of our time is essential to productivity rates. Spending too much time on repetitive and mundane tasks prevents us from tackling the bigger and more important issues. Power Automate addresses this use of time and frees us to focus on profitable activities.       

Microsoft recently relaunched their product, formerly named Workflows as Power Automate, a tool designed to streamline everyday tasks. It means Shaun from operations can automate his supply chain functions, get visibility on the data that impacts his organisation, and make changes based on those data. The program strives to provide paperless alternatives to previously laborious processes – your team can really focus on what really matters, driving growth and delivering the outcomes your customers deserve.  

Power Automate allows you to gain a competitive advantage by linking your Microsoft 365 applications and connecting workflows across Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, Teams, etc. Once you have designed a workflow to complete your internal operations, the manual tasks will happen automatically without further micromanagement. Another example is a customer inquiry that could launch a sequence of processes to ensure the issue is addressed, followed up if necessary, and ultimately resolved. Gone are the days when a request gets stuck between departments, overlooked or lost – now you can easily set an automated reminder for the teams involved. The task will progress naturally through the phases until its completion without the need for human oversight, which means you are saving time.     

Create Internal Reports with Power BI

By utilising Power BI your team can create insightful reports that deliver updates in real-time. Your organisation’s data can be scooped and combined from over 200 different internal and external systems, including favourites Excel, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Azure SQL Database and more. Power BI will connect with all the data tools your business uses and allow information to be collated, tracked, graphed, and dropped neatly into reports.  

The best thing about it is that you can even program Power BI to automatically provide updates within the Microsoft Teams application allowing for quicker and easier access to analytics. For example, a weekly sales report can be generated from several tracking tools and posted company-wide to keep your team connected and motivated. Daniel, the sales team analyst, will be happy to know he’ll be getting back two hours of his day every week! 

Your team will also be able to extract specific data from Power BI, and running a sales report broken down by location is as easy as typing a question. Your sales manager can write “show Scott’s sales in Queensland in the past six weeks”, which will prompt an instant collation of that specific data – almost as easy as asking Google a question. Business data is one of your most valuable assets, and this exceptional program allows you to extract the most utility from your information.    

By implementing these three automation tools, you and your team can simplify your work life, save time, focus on the important tasks, create a better customer experience and get more done. If that sounds appealing, contact one of our modern workplace specialists today.       

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