7 Tips for choosing the best mobile phone plan for your business

We believe Australian businesses should have the most reliable and cost-effective mobile plans around. But how do you spot those elusive plans? Hint – it’s nothing like choosing your personal plan.

To make your decision an easy one, we’ve compiled 7 top tips for you to consider. So, stick with us. Our key factors will help you choose a business mobile plan that can help your business thrive… and keep your accountant very happy.

Let’s dive in.

1. Your data, your rules. What to look for in data packages.

It may sound obvious, but choosing a flexible data package can be the difference between spending a lot, and saving a lot.

Take a look at your current data usage, and look for a plan that can meet those needs within your budget. When making your choices, be sure to read the fine print – some providers can charge hefty fees if you exceed your data allowance. Or, worse, it could leave you without data, full stop! And that certainly isn’t something you want when you’re away from a Wi-Fi connection and need to access the internet.

Luckily, we have a solution. Spirit Mobile will proactively warn you of increased data usage, so you always know how much data you have remaining.

And the best part? To make sure you’re never stuck without all-important internet access, Spirit Mobile can provide automatic data bank top-ups, and we’ll send you notifications to keep you informed. Simple.

2. Coverage. Where you need to be covered, Spirit’s got you covered.

As we all know, Australia is a big remote island! And that can make mobile phone reception more than a little tricky to come by. We’ve all found ourselves in a situation where we are in desperate need of a signal, but there’s none to be found for miles. We’re even willing to bet it has happened more than once! That’s why it is important to choose a mobile business plan that has great coverage, so you can connect from wherever you need to go.

It’s no wonder so many businesses choose Spirit Mobile. Backed by the strength of Australia’s best mobile network and coupled with unique features, Spirit Mobile will ensure your team gets the most out of your mobile service. Our flexible plans combine 4G and 3G coverage from over 15,900 sites, ensuring your staff can use their phones almost anywhere, at any time.

3. Unlimited text and calls to let your business thrive.

Just because you don’t spend much time on the phone right now, doesn’t mean you won’t need to in the near future. And if you’re locked into a contract with only a limited number of texts and minutes included, it can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Choosing a plan with unlimited calls and texts will save you the stress of worrying about exceeding the limits of your plan (and worrying even more when you receive a big, surprise bill!).

Unlimited texts and minutes can be vital for your business growth. Not only does it mean you can engage with your customers as much as and as often as you like, but it also means you know exactly how much your phone bill will cost every single month. Music to every business owner’s ears!

To keep your business working as it should, Spirit Mobile offers unlimited voice, text, and MMS to Australian landlines and mobiles, including 13, 1300, and 1800 numbers. In other words, we’ll keep you in touch with your colleagues and customers, whenever you need to, without restriction.

4. Hassle-free! And a one-day turnaround.

You’ve spent hours carefully selecting your chosen business mobile plan, you’ve placed the order, and you’re ready to do business… that is until your new phone doesn’t show up. Or worse, you have to wait several business days to get connected to your new network.

Be sure to look out for a mobile plan that is hassle-free, with a quick setup time. This means you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off, without leaving your important customers or your team in the lurch.

At Spirit Mobile, we make getting set up easy. We can have you up and running within a day with minimal effort.

5. Cost-effective, did you say?

There’s no use getting a mobile plan that delivers what you need but will put you out of business within a few weeks.

Our experts recommend working out what you can afford at the start of your mobile plan search, and selecting plans that best suit your business needs within that budget.

At Spirit Mobile, we pride ourselves on delivering plans that help businesses thrive and keep their bank accounts happy too. Check out our range of competitive business mobile plans.

6. No nasty surprises. Look for no added fees or surprise bills.

Not to keep banging the same drum, but hidden fees and extra charges don’t just apply to your data allowance! They can be hidden in other aspects of your business mobile plan, too.

Look out for costly set-up fees, early exit fees, out-of-plan calling and data usage, and any other hidden cost that could prove to be a nasty surprise later.

At Spirit, we’re not about big surprise bills. That’s why when you reach your data limit, we’ll automatically add affordable data banks to your plan. All so you can keep on top of your data spending.

7. Customer support for when you need it most.

We all hope that we’ll never have any problems with our business mobile plans, but, unfortunately, even with the best plans, things can go wrong. Or sometimes, we just need that extra bit of help to get started.

Finding a plan that offers a suitable level of support is essential for any business. Because why pay for something you can’t even use?

At Spirit Mobile, we’ve planned for these little unexpected surprises. All our plans include tier 1 Aussie support as standard. Our local team of experts are available to help your business from 7am till midnight, every day of the week – not just until 5pm on a Friday.

The Spirit Mobile Difference

Powered by Australia’s best network, Spirit Mobile offers the most comprehensive mobile coverage. So great in fact, we could call 98% of the population to tell them about it. But we probably won’t do that …

Our flexible plans combine 4G and 3G coverage from over 15,900 sites, ensuring your people can use their phones almost anywhere, at any time. With Spirit, you’ll never lose touch.

And the best part? All of this is underpinned by tier 1 Aussie support, available to your business from 7am to midnight. We incorporate unique features that help us manage your mobile fleet for you, all so you can get back to what you do best.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover our Spirit Mobile plans and turn your business technology up a notch.

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