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As we use International Women’s Day to explore the advantages of a diverse workforce, we asked Dale Lubbe, a Senior Systems Engineer with Trident, some questions about his experiences within the Spirit group.     

What exciting project are you working on now?

One of our aged care provider clients has ageing on-premises hardware that has reached the end of its life. I am working with the client to design a modern workplace using an Azure-hosted solution to consolidate their server count and free them from hardware constraints. The aim is to position the client to take advantage of other Microsoft services soon, such as using Azure Virtual Desktop to deploy a more secure and productive experience for their staff.

What are you most excited about for the future of our business?  

Nothing is more dangerous in business than a stagnant way of thinking. Thanks in part to the diverse teams and leaders we have at Spirit, I’m confident this will never be an issue.   Even during the short time I have been at with the Spirit group, I have seen massive changes that will lead to amazing opportunities for the company and its employees.  With the latest announcements for the future of the Spirit group I ask you, how can you not be excited? 

How do you think Spirit can make a difference to gender equality?  

The most immediate way is for greater exposure of the success the women of Spirit are achieving. 

Young people deciding on a career need relatable role models to show that anyone is capable of great things within any employment sector. At Spirit we have brilliant leaders who can be those role models. 

What are the challenges that you face in this industry?  

Information Technology is a fast paced and ever evolving industry, and it is easy to find yourself offering too many services and not really specialising any of them. Spirit’s recent announcements around consolidating product offerings and specialising in selected solutions is an excellent strategy. This will overcome this very relevant challenge, but also empower all employees to become experts in these fields, which again in turn strengthens the whole company.  

Why is it important to celebrate success?  

Even small wins are critical. People who believe in themselves are more likely achieve beyond what they previously thought possible. By celebrating success, we remind ourselves what we are capable of and this drives us to do bigger and better things. 

The Spirited Women program runs all year and aims to celebrate the achievements of females within the technology sector. Membership is open to all.   

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