A Point of View

As we celebrate International Women’s Day this year, Spirited Women sat down with Paul Miller, our Chief Finance Officer, to talk about his leadership style and Spirit’s culture when it comes to celebrating our people’s achievements.  

How do you empower your team? 

Spirit’s vision is to become Australia’s leading provider of modern and secure digital workplaces. The evolutionary path of building a scalable and profitable company involves finding the best talent and working collaboratively and freely to let each individual shine at what they do best.  

How do you motivate your team to continue delivering great work?   

As a leader, my role is to give each individual the opportunity and freedom to be creative in building their functional streams. To me, motivation comes from the freedom to own your outputs and the freedom to create. As a technology disruptor, our focus is always on trying to think outside the box and question the status quo.  

How do you celebrate success?  

Workplace recognition is often the simple things – thank you and well done – whether that is expressed one-on-one or in a group forum. So, I would hope my work colleagues gain the motivation to deliver simply by enjoying what they are doing, seeing their contribution to the vision, and having the ability to drive their outcomes and path.  

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