Beyond Wi-Fi – How to get the best Internet Experience in your workspace

What is Managed Wi-Fi?  

In simple terms, Managed Wi-Fi allows organisations to outsource many or all of the tasks required to have a strong, continuous Wi-Fi signal that keeps your business alive and breathing. And for organisations that have gone back to the office full-time after a long hiatus due to the pandemic lockdown, a great Managed Wi-Fi solution can keep your staff happy, engaged and productive!   

As proud providers of smart business solutions, we’d love to suggest how to optimise your company’s Internet by utilising our Managed Wi-Fi solution.  

1. Improve the user experience for everyone in the office   

Internet usage fluctuates during the working day, peaking in the morning and tapering toward the close of business hours. The morning rush can lead to delays and poor connection, while excess bandwidth sits idle when everyone takes lunch. One way we tackle these peaks and troughs is to intelligently select channel and transmission strength as required. Our solution identifies and relieves any potential bottlenecks and keeps your business Internet running optimally all day, every day.   

Spirit’s channel management also reduces interference from neighbouring Wi-Fi networks. The shared airspace of your workplace can become crowded with competing signals, which can negatively impact performance, especially during peak times. Our solutions reduce the likelihood of your staff being frozen mid-way through their morning motivational speech on Teams or Zoom. Say goodbye to digital stuttering and lag!      

2. Get full visibility of your Wi-Fi network’s performance  

We believe that all technology solutions should be elegant, transparent and user-friendly. Our Managed Wi-Fi solution is no exception! They provide the option of access to easy-to-use dashboards that allow real-time network monitoring. Our Wi-Fi products are designed so that anyone in your team can easily see individual users’ performance or get an overview of how your network is delivering. This and other information is accessed via a single easy-to-use portal, delivering data and control to your fingertips. The other option is the hands-off approach leaving it to our tech experts to do the heavy lifting for you, silently in the background. You’d wonder why you waited this long to get it!

At Spirit, we have an agnostic approach when it comes to delivering our Managed Wi-Fi solution, which is why we partner with several leading vendors. We understand that every business has different monitoring needs, and our experts will know which ones to recommend for your organisation. 

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There shouldn’t be mysteries hidden within your IT solutions. Ideally, you have access to the inner workings of your system. Performance data should be readily available, and your Wi-Fi system is no exception. If your current provider can’t deliver real-time updates, and it feels like you’re in the dark, consider switching to a managed plan that puts you in control.       

3. Don’t fall victim to a cyber breach – Increase your network security  

With Australian organisations increasingly being targeted by international cyber criminals, the need for robust security has never been more apparent. Unsecured Wi-Fi offers bad actors the opportunity to penetrate your business defences and access confidential and sensitive assets. As online security experts, our Managed Wi-Fi solution incorporate layers of protection.  

The first layer is to block dangerous lookalike but rogue access points that may interact with your network. The next layers include encryption, centralised authentication, user and device tracking, intrusion detection and more. And the best part? We’ll even keep your staff files safe with secure network environments separate from those with temporary or guest access. Cyber security is what we do, and our Wi-Fi solutions are equipped with confidence-inspiring safeguards to keep your organisation safe.  

4. Designed for the heaviest of Internet users (i.e. design teams, graphic agencies, multiple streaming devices, etc.) 

Our Wi-Fi hardware is designed to handle heavy user requirements. We can ensure maximum online productivity for your staff, no matter the size of your organisation. What’s even better is that our plans are customisable and allow for unlimited future growth. We take pride in providing a solution that helps our clients ramp up their business operations.      

On top of that, we can even give your office guests and freelancers the 5-star experience! With Spirit Managed Wi-Fi, you can customise your guest access with a tailored login site branded for your business. The online platform includes an easy sign-up page and captive portal integration, allowing you to keep your data safe while delivering a seamless user experience.  

Image: Example of Spirit guest login page

Every organisation can benefit from Spirit’s Managed Wi-Fi solution 

Modern businesses like yours rely on the Internet to survive. We are not exaggerating when we say it’s probably the lifeblood of your organisation. Our Managed Wi-Fi solution keep the heart pumping. They deliver security, transparency, real-time performance updates, continuous and balanced flow, high-level guest user experience, and the opportunity for expansion. Our support teams are standing by should you need assistance, adding peace of mind to the equation.  

In the pursuit of continued success, ensure your business capitalises on the latest innovations in Wi-Fi technology. An optimal business Internet system operates silently and effortlessly in the background – much like turning on the tap! Our Managed Wi-Fi solutions can keep your staff connected, engaged, and productive. And if you have your list of criteria and requirements, our tailored plans trump off-the-shelf products because we know your business is unique, and therefore deserves unique solutions.      

Don’t just take our word for it, Here’s what our customers have to say!

Spirit is simply the best I experienced. Everyone knows how hard it is to explain, maintain or find support for our IT issues. Spirit has been attending through every means possible to make it work. I am so grateful to their whole team in the background to make this happen and on-going.
– Yannick Kee Mew Hotel Manager, Quest Griffith Apartment Hotel, NSW 

The immediate change from having Managed Wi-Fi installed is that I don’t hear any issues anymore. All the issues that were there, discussed and reported to me – they just weren’t there anymore. Spirit met all of our requirements and actually exceeded them. [They] gave us more than what we were looking for, and feedback from staff and users has just been equally fantastic – everyone’s just said positive things.
– Amrick Singh IT Manager, Janet Clarke Hall – The University of Melbourne, VIC 

Spirit was instrumental in the setup of the hotel and made it seamless. From providing around the clock support, continually keeping us up-to-date with progress, to ongoing support once we opened. I would highly recommend Spirit for all your guest and office Internet, and phone systems.
– Gerry Bourke General Manager, Quest Ballarat Station and Quest Wangaratta, VIC 

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