Every business has different needs. Some need vehicles, huge office spaces, giant printers, even fancy coffee machines… and others don’t. But one thing every business needs is an Internet connection. But simply getting a connection should not be the end game. There’s a big difference between the residential Internet plan you use at home to binge The Last Dance vs Business-grade plans, and pinching a few pennies on the former could have major negative impacts to your business down the road.  

Residential vs business 

Think your slow Wi-Fi at home is annoying? Wait until your Internet drops out in the middle of a Zoom call with prospective clients or when you’re about to hit send on that killer presentation for your manager right before deadline. Business Internet adds a crucial element to your connection: reliability. 

Yes, residential Internet is cheaper. But that’s because it’s not built for the needs of your business. Any owner that decides to take the cheaper route risks the following: 

  • Slower upload and download speeds 
  • Unreliable connections 
  • Shared bandwidth 
  • Lags and delays 
  • Poor customer support 

7 reasons why you need a business Internet plan: 

1. DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) 

Sharing is usually considered an honourable trait, however, if you’re using a residential Internet plan, you’re probably sharing your connection with others. That’s why your Internet can often lag during peak usage times. 

Business Internet plans can provide a dedicated connection, or a ‘DIA’. This means you get to enjoy consistent Internet speeds no matter the time of day. 

2. High-speed Internet 

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data transmitted across a connection. Good bandwidth means smoother streaming and faster uploading. Business Internet plans typically have higher bandwidths to accommodate organisations with better connections for their extensive needs.

3. Download & upload speed 

In Internet speak ‘download speed’ determines how quickly you can stream or download content, while ‘upload speed’ affects how fast you can send data to your clients, or back it up on the cloud. 

Although residential Internet can sometimes offer high download speeds, upload speeds usually leave a lot to be desired. Business Internet plans on the other hand, satisfy both needs, quickly and reliably. 

4. Reliable customer support 

While an Internet outage at home means getting up from the couch and taking the dogs for a walk, an Internet outage at your business spells only one thing: losses – in productivity and money. 

Downtime costs businesses more money than most realise so having a tech support team ready to bring your connection back up as soon as something unexpected happens is a must have. 

5. Static IP address 

Usually when you subscribe to an Internet plan, you get a dynamic IP address, which is an IP address that changes from time to time. 

Businesses can benefit from upgrading to a static or permanent IP address. Reason being? It makes your network more secure. Plus, you must have a static IP address if you host your own server, or if you have employees working remotely, or if you want to set up a virtual private network (VPN). 

6. SLAs (Service Level Agreements) 

SLAs may very well be the icing on the delicious cake that is business-grade Internet. A service level agreement is a guarantee that you will get what you’re paying for. It’s an agreement between you and your Internet provider that assures you of 24/7 technical support, flawless up-time, and low latency (lags) in your connection. Sounds like a no-brainer when your business depends on it. 

7. Business Internet is extremely scalable 

Just like businesses come in all shapes and sizes, business Internet plans do too. There’s no need to worry about over-committing to a plan that is beyond your needs as there are options available to suit you. Whether you’re a suburban cafe, a high school or an office for a large corporate, choose the speed you need and if you grow, your service can grow with you. 

What do you need in an ISP? The million dollar question 

Reliable Internet? Bundled voice and data packages? Stellar customer support? 

Spirit Internet & IT is not just another Australian ISP. Reliable business-grade Internet is only a portion of what we do. Unifying or converging your network and IT solutions with one provider is a cost-effective way to get a comprehensive package that includes Internetvoice communicationssecurityIT solutions and more. 

Sky-speed Internet 

With packages starting from 25Mbps all the way up to 1,000Mbps and beyond, Spirit boasts of some of the highest Internet speeds available. We operate high above the traffic, cables, and congestion of the ground to bring you Sky-Speed Internet, a more reliable and future-oriented type of connection to propel your business to its full potential. 

Rapid installation 

While other ISPs may take months to get your Internet up and running, we can often have yours installed in days. Every second of downtime counts when it’s your business on the line, so if you need it fast, we will do it quickly.  

No data limits 

You don’t want your business to be limited in any way, so either should your Internet. 

Choose your contract 

We’re pretty flexible when it comes to contracts. Whether you need reliable super-fast Internet for a year, two years, three years, or four, we’ve got you covered. 

Latest Internet technology 

Our Sky-Speed Internet and voice communication services are the product of innovative technology disrupting the industry – in a good way. Maybe it’s time you rethink your age-old services and get ahead of competitors.  

No downtime, no latency 

Large files and high-volume projects don’t stand a chance against our single-digit millisecond latency, which lets you get vast swathes of work done in record time. Say goodbye to buffering!  

The sky is the limit 

Whether it’s providing the fastest Internet speeds around, round-the-clock IT support, voice solutions or enterprise-grade SLAs, be confident that we’ll always bring our A-game. 

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