A damaged cable has left a number of businesses without Internet for more than 24 hours. A construction crew in Melbourne’s east accidentally severed a fibre cable Wednesday morning, causing an immediate outage across the city. There’s currently no ETA on when service will be restored.

It’s a news story we’ve all heard before. Some of us have been unfortunate enough to be one of the businesses caught up in it. From startups to large corporations, Internet outages don’t discriminate – and their impact can be just as damaging, whatever your size.
That’s why it’s critical in today’s Internet-enabled business world that you have a backup plan for moments just like this. At Spirit, we call this Redundancy as a Service (RaaS), but it’s also known as Internet failover, or simply Internet backup. Either way, it’s designed to redirect your data to another network in the event of an outage, keeping your employees connected and working with minimal-to-no noticeable disruption.

Key benefits of RaaS

Business continuity

Your customers and suppliers rely on you to be available when they need you. This means having a steady Internet service, particularly if your voice communications use the cloud. RaaS ensures business continuity, so you don’t risk annoying – or worse, losing – your customers.

Minimise risk

One of a company’s biggest assets is data. An Internet backup provides a safety net for this data, ensuring any businesses that collect sensitive information can do so safely and seamlessly. It also supports highly important data transactions, minimising the risk to your business.

Reduce downtime

RaaS immediately takes over when your primary service is affected by an outage or unannounced network maintenance. Not only does this prevent any downtime while there are Internet outages, it also prevents any re-syncing issues with your business systems after they lose connection.

Increase productivity

Faced with Internet outages, your staff will become extremely frustrated. Some may try to hotspot their smartphones, but this isn’t an ideal situation and many will stop working until given direction about a contingency plan. Having a seamless Internet backup is just good management, and ensures your business remains productive.

What Internet backup options does your business have?

If your redundancy comes into your building via the same technology as your primary service, the construction crew that just severed the fibre in the street has probably also severed your back-up fibre.
This isn’t that unusual. That’s why the only way to have a true Internet backup is by choosing a service that transmits data differently from your primary Internet connection.
For businesses using fibre Internet as their primary service, the two main options to consider are:

4G Failover

4G failover is an option that uses the same mobile towers your smartphone uses. While it can start off as a relatively low-cost solution, it depends on how much data you and your employees are transferring over the connection. These services typically come with a limited amount of data, which means if you exceed the limit, it can quickly become prohibitively expensive.
It’s also important to note that the connection speed on 4G failover will not be as fast as that offered by your primary fibre Internet connection. So if your Internet backup goal is to have a completely seamless redundancy, you may find you and your employees noticing the difference – especially if you consistently send, receive and access large data files via the cloud.

Fixed wireless Internet

We provide a fixed wireless Internet service that transmits data via a radio antenna on the roof of your premises to the nearest base station. There are two options you can choose from for your backup Internet:

  • Our Sky-Speed Internet that can deliver super-fast speeds up to 1Gbps (that’s download and upload speed, by the way); or
  • Our RaaS plan that will be enough to support your business until your primary service is back up and running.

Which option you choose depends upon your needs as a business. Many data-heavy businesses opt for the full Sky-Speed Internet connection, as it offers unlimited data. This gives you and your employees peace of mind that you won’t exceed your allowance, and it also ensures you can work as you would normally, despite any interruptions to your primary service.

Protecting your business from Internet outages

We are making the impossible possible. We provide Sky-Speed Internet to businesses across Australia, whether that’s as a primary solution or a backup option. Our commitment is to ensure businesses have the tools they need to keep on working; this means we focus on all things IT, so you don’t have to.

Get in touch with our IT specialists today to learn more about Redundancy as a Service.

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