Cloud replication – It can save your business

The cloud, it’s a wonderful thing, but just means a bunch of fluff to most. Fortunately, we’ve got a bloody good understanding of it.  

When it comes to protecting your business intellectual property, our techs love nothing more than to utilise the cloud to prevent imminent attacks from external sources, or even protect you from internal user error. Believe it or not, we see both happen far too often leading to losses of data, productivity, and breaches of privacy. All business damaging outcomes. 

So today we’re going to brave the new frontiers of data storage and demonstrate how they can transform your business. That’s right, cloud storage has the power to revolutionise the way your business operates.  

Firstly, what is Data Replication? 

It’s the act of continuously copying data and then moving it between your company’s storage locations, whether that be data centres, servers, or public/private clouds. This process provides an almost unbreakable fail-safe if set up correctly. For security reasons, your data is ideally replicated to a separate location. Not all cloud replication providers share the same security standards, so be sure to research your IT provider, especially if your industry is subject to government regulation that covers data security. For example, the health and financial sectors are both governed by such legislation, and therefore require higher standards of corporate compliance. Across all industries, well-executed data replication brings a range of immediate benefits that your business can realise easily.

1. Smart data storage  

This can be a headache for any business. We’re operating in a digital era, and most businesses are saddled with large amounts of inactive data. This sits around occupying valuable space and slows every computing task your employees carry out.  

We fix this quickly by shifting your inactive data off-site while keeping your more active, mission critical data ready for daily use. It’s a bit like storing excess furniture in a nearby location, so your house is not crammed with lawn chairs that you use twice per year. 

2. Safe & backed-up data  

Off-site storage offers your vital business data protection from potential loss in the event of a breach or failure. A well-tuned hybrid IT plan (this means a mix of onsite and off-site) combines low-cost storage and and high-speed access, giving your business the potential for a significant competitive advantage. It can prove vital in the case of fire, flood, storm, or burglary. Replicated data stored in the cloud is immune to physical damage and offers peace of mind that every business owner should enjoy. Data storage and security concerns should not be draining your energy or stealing your focus.

As a specialist cloud provider, we offer a range of tailored data services from replication and backup, with each function supported by service level guarantees. Our solutions save your team all kinds of headaches, allowing them to focus on higher value activities like sales and operational improvements. With the lawn chairs safely stowed out of the way, your team will be dancing, not tripping over.

3. Low upfront investment  

One of the biggest benefits of employing a hybrid system is the cost. Physical data storage can be expensive and replicating data can drag at your bottom line. It requires investment in hardware, maintenance, and ongoing support, relying on cumbersome hard-drives and unsightly towers of equipment. Seasonal or cyclical organisations are especially disadvantaged as they typically require high amounts of computing resources in bursts. For most of the year, the hard-drives just get in the way.   

By utilising a flexible hybrid cloud model, you have the freedom to pay as you go, for only what is used, and for how long. Rather than physically storing data that is utilised once per year, it can be efficiently tucked away until the need arises. The lawn chairs remain in low-cost storage until the extended family arrives full of festive cheer.    

Scale up (or down) whenever you like 

Cloud replication is also instantly scalable. Extra storage space is always on hand, and cloud assets can expand in sync with your business growth. If a rush of orders arrives, storing and backing up the associated data will be the least of your concerns. Your team can get to work delivering the goods or services secure in the knowledge that the data side of the business can effortlessly handle the additional activity. Allocating additional storage capacity can be done in real-time, so there are no delays or interruptions.

Take your business to the cloud 

Replicating critical data to cloud storage could literally save your business from catastrophe. The process adds essential layers of security and protection. It saves your business money. It’s flexible, nimble, and can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Data storage and security should not be a day-to-day concern for any business. Smart solutions are available, and we know how to implement them.

Our tech experts are waiting in the wings for your call, so if you want us to take care of any technology needs to help accelerate your business to the next level, get in touch now.    

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