Move your phone systems to the cloud with Australia’s fastest rated Internet provider

The world is moving to the cloud, and it’s happening now. With older technology like copper telephone lines being shut down around Australia, a future in the cloud is becoming more present every day.

From a business perspective, cloud-based systems mean we now have the opportunity to connect with people everywhere, from anywhere. Imagine the possibilities of running, or being a part of a truly virtual work environment. Phone calls, chat, file sharing, video conferencing and so much more, all done from your mobile, laptop or desktop. Manage it all from one easy platform that can be accessed from anywhere with ease and speed, courtesy of Australia’s fastest rated ISP*, Spirit.

The journey to the cloud

How do Australian businesses get to this exciting new future? We help you ditch the hard-wired telephones, all the associated upkeep and move you to the flexibility of our cloud systems.

Allow our Product and Channel Manager, JP Strydom to explain how we can take your business to the future:

“Businesses everywhere are moving to the cloud. Employees and systems that can be accessed from anywhere is the end goal. How do we get you there? We keep it simple for you by putting in steps that ease the journey to the cloud and handle any complications for you.”

Internet performance is paramount

JP highlighted the fact that having your businesses voice and phone systems in the cloud can completely change the way you operate. Manage your own environment through an online portal, increase your mobility by linking your business number with your mobile phone, and collaborate on the move from anywhere. It’s all accessible in the cloud and on the go. But …

“If you’re going to the cloud, you want a high level of access to that cloud. You need an internet service that you can rely on. A slow internet speed can mean throwing your new cloud-based business plan out the window. Spirit’s high-speed internet comes with a performance guarantee that if our speeds drop beneath 80%, we consider that a fault, and fix it. If you’re going to invest in cloud applications, you need a strong ISP behind it. One that’s super-fast for the performance you need. We’re well positioned to provide that as we have been rated as Australia’s fastest internet provider.”

Let Spirit lift you to the cloud

Bundling your voice and data with Spirit is the best way to get your business to a future in the cloud. We’re here to get you set up and ready to control your own system via our online portal, or let us do it for you. No more waiting weeks for changes – we’re here to make things easy.

Find out more about how your business can make the change to a more efficient world with less admin, hardware and headaches, before the change is made for you.

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