Smart Internetfor Smart Homes

We’re among Melbourne’s fastest Internet providers, and we didn’t get to the top by being stuck in the pack with a
congested network. So why should your building?

Buyers pay a premium for a premium Internet service. It’s as simple as that. Next to food and shelter,
we need our Netflix to survive.

Experience a super-fastNetwork speed

Spirit vs Typical AustralianBroadband Speeds

So just who is Spirit

We’re an ASX listed provider with a network that spans 15,000 kilometres across Australia’s East coast. We specialise in providing major developments across the country with super-fast Internet and Managed IT Services.

Benefits of Getting inThe Spirit of Things

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  • Express Install – Terms & Conditions
    1. Promotion valid from 1 October 2019 to 30 November 2019
    2. Standard express installations only
    3. Offer only valid in QLD and VIC
    4. $1800(Ex GST) express installation fee payable in addition to standard installation fees
    5. Offer only available for new Spirit business customers connecting to 50Mbps up to 1Gbps Spirit Sky business plans. Express install does not apply to voice or fibre services.
    6. 5 business day express install time is subject to site survey and preliminary checks.
    7. Where relevant, the customer must have suitable permission from the building manager, owner and/or owner’s corporation to have their chosen plan’s services installed within 5 business days
    8. The customer must provide access for Spirit technicians at a mutually agreed install date and time