Businesses of all sizes utilise a variety of technology to support their daily operations. And while the technology has come a long way in recent years, it’s not infallible. Disasters happen, whether natural or man-made, and if you don’t have an IT disaster recovery plan in place, it could lead to significant downtime, unhappy customers – and a huge expense.

You may have heard the term Disaster Recovery before, but if you’re a small to medium business you may not be sure if it’s what you need. The simple fact is, every business, no matter the size, can benefit from an IT disaster recovery plan. Keep reading to find out more about this service, and ensure your business is prepared for anything.

What’s the difference between Disaster Recovery and Online Backup?

An Online Backup is designed to preserve your business’ recent history and ensure continuity of your day-to-day operations. This typically covers files, emails, sales and expenses, inventory, even HR. If any data is lost, your Online Backup will be able to restore the data quickly and seamlessly.

Disaster Recovery, on the other hand, is designed to restore more than just a few files. An exact mirror of your IT hardware and business processes is built out, and in the event of widespread system failure, it can be switched on. This ensures your business can continue to operate, saving you time and money.

What kind of situations do you need a Disaster Recovery plan?

Your office probably has a server room. Imagine a pipe burst over the weekend, which completely flooded the room and destroyed everything in the process. This can seriously hurt your business.

But not if you’d planned for a situation where your network and systems were damaged.
Instead of wondering where to start rebuilding your IT systems, you can now rest assured that all of your business’ primary data has been replicated on a secondary site. All that’s required is a quick call to your Managed IT Services provider. And if you’re with Spirit, it will happen simply and quickly.

Recovering from hackers

While the pipe burst scenario may seem unlikely, one example that isn’t is cyber attacks. Hackers are after your data – and they don’t care if they completely destroy your system to get it. In fact, in some cases this may also be part of their plan.

Having the right online security precautions in place is crucial to protecting yourself from cyber criminals, but as attacks become more frequent and more sophisticated, it’s not enough to just defend against them. Determined hackers have proven that with enough commitment, planning and persistence, they will inevitably find a way to breach your network. That’s why a Disaster Recovery plan is critical.

Leave the Disaster Recovery to us

We keep you connected from the cloud, to the device – and back again. Our Sky-Speed Internet, combined with our Managed IT Services ensure a seamless operation for your business. If you have IT infrastructure that could do with some added security precautions, including Disaster Recovery, get in touch with the team at Spirit. One of our specialists will be happy to uncover your needs and provide a solution that works for your business.

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