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Give your business the protection it deservesWhy Spirit Endpoint Protection?

At Spirit, we’re passionate about protecting Australian businesses from online threats. That’s why we offer a wide range of Endpoint Protection services.

Our solutions can be tailored to suit your business’ needs, so you only pay for the protection you actually need. And none of that extra fancy stuff you’ll never use.

Software clients can be deployed at each designated Endpoint and kept up-to-date through central management servers. These software clients monitor system changes for suspicious behaviour, triggering alerts and quarantining threats before they can strike.

Don’t risk your business’ security. Protect it with Spirit. Here’s what makes Spirit Endpoint Protection great:

Extend your protection

Extend protection to critical platforms and physical or virtual devices. We can keep your business protected against the growing number of online threats targeting businesses like yours.

Reduce recovery and patching downtime

Our solutions are designed for easy upgrades and recovery, saving you time and money.

Plug the gaps

Identify vulnerabilities based on CVE, MS-ID, and severity, and plug the gaps before they are exploited.

Do IT with SpiritHere's what is included

Over 62% of Australian businesses have encountered a cyber security incident*. And this number unfortunately continues to rise.

The majority of cyber security attacks are initiated through compromised end user systems such as laptops and mobiles. And with more and more of us working remotely, it’s vital to ensure your business is protected.

Cyber criminals are able to use lateral movement to gain access to critical servers and data. And it may be surprising to hear that small to medium businesses like yours are at the top of the hit list.

But never fear, Spirit Endpoint Protection is here. We’ll protect your endpoints and end user systems to create a first line of defence against cyber attacks.

Our Endpoint Protection solutions include:

More Control

  • Centralised management
  • Application control
  • Sandbox as a Service

More Security

  • Endpoint security and encryption
  • Advanced detection and response
  • Mobile and web security
  • Email and collaboration security
  • Collaboration security for cloud sharing

More Protection

  • Vulnerability protection
  • Data loss prevention
  • Office 365 and gmail protection
  • Endpoint detection and response (XDR)
  • Managed detection and response

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