Sky-Speed InternetFixed Wireless

Spirit’s industry leading independent network

Overtake competitors with speeds up to 1Gbps

Get up and running within 15 business days

Bandwidth guarantee

24x7 Aussie support available

At last. A genuine alternative to business fibre Internet. Why Spirit Fixed Wireless?

It’s no secret that businesses like yours need a fast and reliable Internet connection. That’s why you should consider fixed wireless Internet designed for now.

We offer some of the fastest fixed wireless Internet in Australia. But we do more than just deliver head-spinning speeds.

Our independently built network is designed to deliver uncongested, reliable Internet to businesses across Australia. No more performance issues, no more drop outs, just ‘Sky-Speed’ Internet.

Fast setup

Enjoy Gigabit/sec speed connectivity delivered in days rather than months. No need to wait for drawn-out fibre builds – get your site online in record time.

Less downtime

Add reliable differentiated redundancy to existing fixed line network links. Common issues that impact physical links are less likely to impact fixed wireless services, making them ideal for redundancy and backup purposes.

High speed network services

Can’t get fibre at your office? Get access to high speed services where no fibre links are available.

Don’t wait around. Get it done faster withSpirit’s Sky-Speed Internet

Suffering from a slow Internet connection? We can’t relate. Our speeds are amazing. With Spirit, yours can be too.

Our Fixed Wireless products bring Sky-speed Internet to your business in record time. Get up to 1 Gbps symmetrical connectivity within super-fast, 15 business day provisioning.

Need a custom solution? Our expert engineers can deliver a fully-customised scope and design, tailored to your needs.

Seriously fast Internet

  • Fast delivery times, typically within 15 business days
  • From 25/25 to 1000/1000 Mbps symmetrical and beyond

Service you can count on

  • Professional installation by experienced fixed wireless technicians
  • Guaranteed bandwidth backed by Australia’s largest independent wireless national network

Choose from a range of options

  • Internet, E-LINE, E-LAN or IP VPN networks
  • Public subnets

The technical bit How it works

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