What country has the fastest Internet and how does Spirit stack up?

When the NBN roll out was announced, Australia was promised world-class Internet speeds across metropolitan and rural regions. Nearly 10 years and 51 billion dollars later, our Internet speeds sit at the rather uninspiring position of 59th in the world. So, which country has the fastest Internet? Countries like Singapore and South Korea have Internet speeds well over double and triple our national average.

However, there’s no need to pull out your passport and take a holiday in pursuit of faster Internet speeds. You can stay on home soil (or hit the Sky as we like to say) with Spirit and experience our super-fast Sky-Speed fixed wireless technology.

Which country has the fastest internet?

According to the Ookla Global Index*, here are the top five countries for average fixed broadband speed:

  1. Singapore – 199.39 Mbps
  2. Hong Kong – 180.46Mbps
  3. South Korea – 148.59Mbps
  4. Andorra – 133.97Mbps
  5. Romania – 130.59Mbps

How does Spirit compare?

We often say if Spirit was a nation, it would be the country with the fastest Internet in the world. Our Sky-Speeds are unparalleled, even by the top five contenders seen above.

Our residential plans usurp Singapore, through offering an impressive 500Mbps. Gone are the days of buffering Netflix, lagging Internet browsing or difficulties working from home. And that’s just for home plans, our business plans are where we really fly!

Spirit business plans take Sky-Speed into the next dimension by offering 1Gbps (1000Mbps) and beyond. These kinds of symmetrical speeds cannot be understated in boosting business productivity. Even the heftiest file uploads and downloads, video conference calls and brimming email inboxes don’t hold a candle to that kind of speed.

And how do we do it? We leave those subpar Internet speeds under the ground and take to the sky. With our fixed wireless Internet, there’s less congestion and more room for incredible speeds. And, you get the speeds you pay for!

Where does your business Internet rate?

If your work was its own, tiny country, how would it stand in the Global Index? Conduct an Ookla Speed Test to find out.

If you’re less than pleased with the result, browse our business Internet plans and get Sky-Speed at your work as soon as possible. It’s easier than flying all the way to Singapore.

Find out what business plan is right for you here or visit www.spirit.com.au to find out more.

*May 2019

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