Recently, the Federal Government dismissed a Parliamentary recommendation calling for the NBN to use fibre-to-the-curb (FttC) or fibre-to-the-premises (FttP) technology for the remainder of its rollout, saying that they’ll stick with the current Multi Technology Mix (MTM) approach.

You may be asking… ‘what does that mean?’ and moreover ‘what does that mean to me?’

Well to put it simply, it means that the NBN will continue to install relatively outdated technology that delivers slower and less reliable speeds.

For a number of very technical reasons, new NBN customers will share speeds, which may struggle during peak hours – generally in the evening when you’re trying to ‘binge watch’ your favourite TV series, get some gaming time in, or you’re working from home to meet that urgent deadline.

The rejected parliamentary recommendation also suggested that Australia should follow the installation process successfully rolled out in New Zealand, which was designed to reduce the number of post-installation call outs, claiming that you can’t compare the two countries.

Again you might be asking ‘so what?’

Well this is likely to have a knock on effect for you if you’re an NBN customer too. You see, your internet provider won’t be responsible for the installation at your home, that’s NBN’s job. So if you have a problem, you’ll need to organise for a technician through your provider and then they in turn will have to repeat the process with the NBN directly – complicated right, we can almost hear the hold music now.

Well don’t despair just yet. The important thing to know is that there are a number of alternatives to the NBN that own and install their own networks, just like Spirit. We send our experts directly to install your connection and provide Super Fast Internet that was recently recognised as Melbourne’s Fastest ISP1, so you can watch, play, video chat, or whatever, in peace and without interruption.

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We know that not everyone can have Spirit just yet, but we’re working on that so if we’re not where you are just yet, keep an eye on our blog and our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates.

[1] B Grubb, ‘Revealed: the fastest telcos and cities in Australia for broadband’, Sydney Morning Herald, 9 November 2017 

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