High speed Internet for business – What is the best plan for you? | SpiritHigh speed Internet for business – What is the best plan for you? | Spirit

We’re looking into the best high speed Internet plans to suit your business

When it comes to searching for an ISP that can provide high speed Internet for your business, the first step is finding the right provider for you (we’ve unpacked this sometimes tedious process here), the second step requires you to work out which plan best complements your business size and needs.

Business Internet plans aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so it’s always best to jump on the phone and chat to your provider directly to ensure you’re getting everything you need for the best price. A higher bandwidth plan doesn’t always mean a better plan if you don’t need it, so don’t be caught out paying more than you need to.

So, when it comes to high speed Internet for business, what plan suits best? Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

Small office or a home office
Best plan: Small Business Biz 25

If you’re self employed, or have a small office with five or less staff, the 25/25 could be a good fit for you.

It’s a plan that is leaps and bounds ahead of ADSL and is perfect for usage across five computers, Skype calling and telephony services. The Small Business 25 package can also offer overnight backup services to the cloud, and if you have a home office, it can even power your Netflix addiction as well.

However, if your business is over five people, full of big data movers, or lovers of video-conferencing, you might need to go for a bigger plan.

Small to medium office with 5-20 staff
Best plan: Spirit 50

This one is a super-fast entry-level corporate plan great for small to medium businesses.

Complete with 24/7 support and guaranteed committed speeds, this plan caters for VOIP calls, video-conferencing & large file sharing. It will give you the freedom to either run your business from the cloud, or have your server infrastructure on site.

Our services perform at single-digit latency providing rock-solid throughput out to the Internet for mission-critical applications.

Big or data heavy business
Best plan: Spirit Sky 500 or 1Gbps

If you’re a bigger business that wants a piece of mind, a large graphic design firm, or a film company creating computer generated content, then you’ll want a plan that packs a punch.

The Spirit Sky 500Mbps and 1Gbps plans give you the cornerstone features of Spirit connectivity available across all plans, including, symmetrical speeds, unlimited data, and quick installation times (even during December and January), but you’ll also have enough bandwidth to move some serious files, seriously fast.

Both of these top tier plans can be used for site to site secure data transfer, multi-site hub and spoke VPN / WAN solutions as well as the option for additional VLANs to segregate traffic for VOIP and other functions requiring dedicated traffic. For heavy cloud content users we can also trunk a portion of bandwidth directly into Azure, AWS and other cloud networks for highly secure and best-practice connectivity.

Somewhere in between or not sure…

Each business is different and it can be hard to pick a plan ‘off the shelf’. Call one of our team on 1800 SPIRIT or fill out an enquiry form online to ensure you’re getting the right solution for your high speed business Internet needs. Our consultants are very knowledgeable of the technology and can tailor a plan which is not only suitable for your current requirements but highly scalable so that as your business grows, your plan can grow with you.

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