A brilliant Australian inventor, exploding black holes in space and Stephen Hawking. What a tale.

Did you know that the work of a Sydney born, Australian engineer by the name of John O’Sullivan, led to the invention of wireless Internet? It’s a technology used by billions of devices around the world every day, and it all started right here, down-under.

We’ve managed to build our own sky speed network thanks to John’s amazing legacy. But long before our start in 2005, just how did the invention of wireless come about? Back in the 80s, John O’Sullivan was fascinated by Stephen Hawking’s 1974 theory that black holes in space are not always empty black masses. In fact, Hawking suggested that when black holes exploded, they transformed into radio waves that transmitted through space. Hawking could picture a future that through technology, these galactic radio waves could be received and interpreted right here on earth.

Isn’t that cool? John and his colleagues certainly thought so. These radio waves became a passion of theirs, to the point where they decided to try and measure and interpret these foreign transmissions from space, and bring Hawking’s future to the present.

From theory to reality.

If successful, interpreting radio waves from space would be an amazing breakthrough for mankind, but the technology John and his team had available at the time was too primitive. The radio waves were impossible to unscramble, due to the distortion they picked up while travelling towards earth. John knew there had to be a better way, so he began to work on the idea of higher-powered versions of transmitters, and other radio technology that could read these mysterious radio waves with ease. And so began the journey that got us to super-fast internet in the sky.

John and his crew made huge developments with this idea, to the point where they were able to adapt radio waves into sharp images without any distortion, from great distances on earth. Unfortunately, the technology never became strong enough to reach black holes in space.

However, these breakthroughs did come with a silver lining that made John, his team and the Australian science industry millions of dollars, and made Spirit as it is today possible. Their high-powered radio technology has since been repurposed to transmit an internet connection, and all of the data that comes with it, to various devices without the use of cables.

Wireless internet taken to a super-fast, sky speed level.

These brilliant developments by John and his team were made decades ago, from conception in the 70s to reality in the late 90s. These days, it’s rare to think about using the Internet without it just appearing on our devices through the sky. Wireless Internet has become an everyday necessity.

We here at Spirit think the invention of wireless Internet is pretty incredible. The idea of being able to transmit countless amounts of data through the sky and across the world is something that only decades ago, no one would have thought possible. We’ve built our own sky-speed, super-fast network that has been rated as Australia’s fastest internet* and we can’t wait to see what the future of wireless Internet will do for Australians.

We’ve continued John’s legacy with our powerful and reliable radios, that can beam a signal to areas that couldn’t otherwise have a high-speed connection, because the NBN isn’t there yet. Setting up wireless is also much quicker than having to lay cable underground. It’s cheaper, faster and easier to install plus, you don’t have to wait for us to dig up the earth to get connected.

So now that you know a bit about the history of the great Australian invention of wireless Internet, get in touch with us today to experience it super-fast.

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