If there’s one thing we can say for sure about Australians’ use of the Internet, it’s simply that it is growing quickly, and will continue to increase exponentially in the next couple of years.

Various factors are driving increased Internet usage:

  • A continued growth in online browsing and shopping
  • More people are running home offices, either as a standalone business or as part of their everyday work
  • We are increasingly streaming more and more music and video content at home
  • Online games with high definition video content is becoming the norm
  • Most of us use more than one device at the same time
  • It’s not only our IT devices that are being connected to the Internet. So are our refrigerators, front doors, cars and many other household and lifestyle appliances via the Internet of Things. And let’s not forget how augmented and virtual reality will play a major role – now, that’s just mind blowing!

Opinions differ as to what speed of Internet your home really needs

Currently, the average domestic Internet speed in Australia is about 11Mbps1. That’s OK if it’s just you browsing the Internet, but if you try to do much more at the same time then you’re likely to have issues. Streaming or downloading a High Definition (HD) movie, for example, may slow to a crawl, if it plays at all. And if you try and run multiple devices in your home at the same time (say a couple of laptops, or a laptop and a smart TV) you’ll most probably notice a big decrease in speed.

And as the quality of video content improves, the need for more grunt becomes greater. Household demands are increasing: someone streaming an Ultra HD movie from Netflix could eat up all of a 25Mbps connection, leaving everyone else in the house staring at the buffering symbol.

This is much of the same story with online gaming. Games are being developed with richer content, and most of them require you to react quickly if you want to keep up. There’s not much point playing an online first-person shooter game if you find you can’t move around freely, and you keep getting shot before you’ve even started.

The analogue phone system will soon be phased out. So what?

Regardless of how you use the Internet, we’re going to see the analogue phone system phased out in the next couple of years, so you need to decide what to do. 

Most Internet users will need a service that can deliver you a minimum of 25Mbps reliably, but you should give serious consideration to higher bandwidth plans if you feel your household’s online activities demand that.

Find out if you can enjoy Spirit

Our residential Internet plans are currently available in select apartment buildings. To find out if your building is connected to the Spirit network, simply visit our residential page to search for your address.

We know that not everyone can have Spirit just yet, but we’re working on that by adding locations (and capacity) all the time. We always set out to be the most exciting Internet company in the business, not the biggest.

1. https://www.akamai.com/us/en/multimedia/documents/state-of-the-internet/q1-2017-state-of-the-internet-connectivity-report.pdf

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