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We’re living in a time where more businesses are moving towards flexible working conditions that allow employees to work at the times and in the locations that suit their personal schedules. It’s a great solution to support those looking for a flexible work-life balance, but how can you make it viable for your business

Cloud-based computing is the first step in ensuring a seamless transition from a work office, to a home office, to a laptop on the road. No matter where your employees travel, if they’re connected to the Internet they can access office data and files, use their office landline and collaborate with their team as if they were on the same local network.

The cloud as a whole offers stable, redundant infrastructure and global reach. Its mobility and easy access to files regardless of OS are some of the key features that make the cloud perfect for flexible working environments.

If you’re working alongside employees who work out of office or on the road, a cloud-based system allows for phone calls, chat, file sharing and storage, video conferencing and so much more, all available wherever and whenever you need.

Here are our top tips for using cloud-based business solutions to encourage flexible working in your workplace.

Allow business documents to be available online

Many companies are moving away from servers because they’re looking to avoid high capital expenditure and migrate to an opex model, improve collaboration and allow for scalability and flexibility. It’s a move that’s taking them to the cloud; a new era of computing for your business.

The cloud allows easy access to business documents, databases, photo and video files, and client and customer information from any location and through any device that’s connected to the Internet. It means you can download, upload and edit business files on the go without needing to connect to an on-premise server.

Utilise an internal messaging system

When you’re working out of office, internal messaging is an easy way to communicate and stay in the loop at the click of a button.

Connecting your team members and management through an internal messaging system is a cost effective solution that reduces emails and phone calls and gives you real-time response rates.

Internal messaging systems allow teams to effectively and collaboratively work together no matter where they are in the world.

Enable easy and accessible file sharing

When you’re on the hunt for a cloud-based internal messaging system, look for a service that can provide you with the means to share files, photos and videos as well. Spirit Collaborate allows you to directly drop files into conversations so your colleagues can easily download and access them on the run.

This type of system allows for quick updates and gives yourself and your employees full oversight over collaborations, file sharing and conversations.

Connect your business landline to your mobile

If you’re working out of office and have all of the above ticked off your list, the only thing you are missing from your office environment (apart from the noise) is your incoming landline calls.

A cloud plan like Easy Biz Cloud UC allows you to distribute calls to your team, while also allowing employees to take these calls on their personal mobiles. This can eliminate work mobile costs or staff reimbursements for calls, increase connectivity and ensure that customers speak with you on official company numbers/ landlines.

As well as super-fast Internet, we offer a range of cloud and unified communication products that are perfect for a flexible and connected work environment.

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