Going, Going, Gone! How Poor Internet Can Cost You Business Customers

Isn’t it crazy to think that fast Internet used to be a luxury? These days, anything less than instantaneous loading is considered subpar and we couldn’t agree more. In business, failure to accommodate high-speed Internet can reduce your responsiveness to enquiring customers, while also denying your employees the key tools they need to get the job done.

It’s time to stop living in the dark ages and consider the part high-speed wireless Internet (I swear we’re not biased) can play in the making your business a success.

Employee effectiveness

Imagine telling a removalist that their truck was being replaced by a bike. It would immediately cause a decrease in quality and efficiency and would dramatically impact their deadlines and the amount of work they’re able to achieve in a day. Employees need to have access to the necessary resources they need to get the job done, and reliable Internet is a great place to start.

Research conducted by Xero suggests that 70% of small businesses believe poor Internet connection is hindering their efficiency and productivity (see? It’s not just bias). This sentiment of your staff will influence customer activity, directly impacting your bottom line. So, rather than facing a staff retention issue on top of your connection conundrums, improve your current working conditions to increase outputs and subsequent customer sales.

The importance of tailored service

When a customer decides to take a chance on your business, your CRM (customer relationship management) platform plays a big part in making that feel like a good idea. CRM platforms may differ in design, but the idea is the same: retaining customer data, tracking purchase history, and rewarding loyalty. When a customer is standing before you, it’s imperative to have a fast and responsive Internet connection so that you can interact with that CRM system as efficiently as possible.

Most CRM systems run online in the cloud, which means the system has to be live when the customers enquire or purchase. A poor connection will result in poor customer experience. This is not a good look for your customer-centric business.

Cohesive connectivity

Thanks to wireless, the days of being surrounded by a seemingly endless sea of tangled wires and cords are over. Wireless connectivity means your Internet, CCTV, Pay TV and other similar services are all connected through one cable. This removes the chaos that comes with stressing over lost components and frantic rummaging, allowing you to focus squarely on the task at hand. By centralising your connections to one reliable wireless Internet provider, you can eliminate multiple bills, hotlines, and unnecessary admin, not to mention nights awake thinking about clutter.

Responsive to customers

Your customers are the very lifeblood of your business. They keep the lights on and deserve communication that doesn’t necessitate a 40 minute wait time. Poor Internet connection can make this responsibility a challenge, resulting in lagged response times.

Investing in social media management, content construction, chat boxes and sleek websites is ultimately kind of pointless if your Internet can barely handle keeping them active. The same study from Xero highlighted that 62% of businesses believe poor Internet impacts the quality of their customer service. Reach more customers in less time, and ensure that no lead or enquiry is left hanging.

Customers can be fickle, and trends can change, but poor Internet connections will always be a repellent for future business. Invest in your business by upgrading to a fast wireless Internet provider that will promote the growth of your business and its people.

A fast wireless Internet connection allows you the tools you need to provide an excellent service to new and existing customers. Looking to upgrade the current Internet setup at your business? Well, lucky you! Really, you are! We offer a variety of business Internet packages to suit your needs. To learn more, read about our services, or contact Spirit today.

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