Have you had enough of slow Internet? Are you disappointed with the NBN in your area? Here’s a guide how to find the best internet provider.

There are plenty of alternatives out there that have proven themselves better than the slow and already out of date NBN. With fibre to the node the only option in many areas, it’s no wonder that Australians are looking into fixed wireless Internet alternatives that connect right to their home with a faster and better connection.

With NBN network congestion now worse than it’s ever been, looking into alternative providers who don’t slow their customers down during peak periods is not only a good idea, it’s common sense.

You might want to ask yourself, is your Internet future proof?

The decision you make today will affect the way you and your home use the Internet in 2-3 years time. Many alternative providers are preparing for more and more information being stored in the cloud, and are thinking about the way we all access our data on a daily basis. If the NBN is already out of date, how can it be prepared for the future?

Choosing an alternative ISP can be pretty confusing, so we’ve decided to make it easy for you with the following “Must-do’s” for your search.

1 – Research what alternatives are available in your area

Websites like Canstar Blue, WhistleOut and Lifehacker have a great list of ISPs which include NBN alternatives available in your state.

If you already know of a few great ISP’s that are a genuine alternative to the NBN and you want to see if they are available in your area, most companies have a ‘check availability’ function on the front page of their website.

2 – Call providers, and ask them the right questions

Now that you have picked a few ISPs that look like they’ll be able to save you from the horrors of the NBN, give them a call and make sure they really have what it takes. Do they have an extended hours customer service team that you can contact in case of faults or outages? How quickly can they get you switched over and installed?

Think about the things you don’t like about your current ISP that make you want to change. Does this new Internet provider have symmetrical download and upload speeds and if so, can they prove to you that you’ll be getting the speeds you’re paying for?

3 – Compare internet providers

By now you’ve grilled some ISPs and managed to round your list down. So, it’s time to discuss details.

Make sure you are able to test out your new ISP with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. But your comparisons shouldn’t stop there.

Every Australian home and business should have an Internet plan with unlimited data, these days that should be a given. With countless phones, tablets, laptops, computers, smart TVs and even appliances like fridges, all connecting to your Internet at once, you need a service that doesn’t lag and doesn’t overcharge for data.

4 – Get connected, and test your speeds

So now you’re finally free of the NBN, with a true alternative in your home. Your life online will be a lot easier moving forward, just make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

Test your download and upload speed at all times of the day, peak and off-peak, to make sure you’re getting the speeds promised in the plan you have chosen. If this is not the case, give your new friendly and helpful customer service team a call to see what they can do.

If you’ve read this far, then you’re probably feeling the pain of rubbish Internet (and likely the NBN). As far as Spirit goes, we like to think we’d pass the above test as a leading alternative to the NBN. Contact us today to see for yourself, ask us all your questions and check if we’re available in your area.

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