We are proud to announce we have recently gifted Melbourne’s Fastest Internet speeds to more locations across Melbourne & YOU could be next!

We have introduced our Super Fast Internet speeds to a number of buildings across Melbourne, providing access of speeds up to 200Mbps so users can stream, surf and play online without disruption.

An alternative to the NBN

Thanks to the installation of new state of the art tech, thousands of residents can now access the full might of the Spirit network, which is ranked as Melbourne’s Fastest ISP. The network is completely independent of the NBN and offers only the best Internet tech available, straight to your door, meaning that we can guarantee the speeds you purchase. All day. Every day.

Our wireless network sets us apart from other providers like the NBN which rely on cable networks dug into the ground, which are prone to damage and lose speed over distance. This means that higher floors in your building are more likely to have slower speeds, but with Spirit, you can enjoy maximum speeds no matter your apartment level.

A seamless upgrade

We want to give you the Internet that all Australians deserve and if you’re already on the Spirit network, our upgrades will happen in the background for you. No extra visits from technicians, no changes to your plan (apart from improved speed), and no extra costs – we’ve got this!

If you haven’t joined the Spirit Internet revolution already and live in one of our buildings, simply sign up and in a few days, you can have up to 200Mbps in your home! What’s more we have 40 more buildings across Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney set to receive our Super Fast Internet very soon.

Don’t despair if we’re not in your area just yet, we’re continually adding new locations, so check our site to see if we’re in your area, you may be in for a nice surprise.

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