The copper networks are being disconnected. Let’s discuss your ISDN and PBX, and how you can prepare for a post-copper world.

Fast approaching on the horizon is an important date in Australia’s history; in 2020, the copper network will be shutdown. The decommissioning process of ISDN has actually already begun in many areas, and it will very soon affect businesses all across Australia. If you don’t outsmart the copper, the copper will outsmart you, undoing all of your hard work to achieve unified communications in your business.

So how can you prepare for the ISDN disconnection, and ensure that your unified communications are left unscathed? Spirit Smart ISDN, of course.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications is the integration of all business communication such as your instant messenger, video conferencing, data sharing and phone lines. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a single product, rather it is many products with a consistent interface and user experience.

The implication of this is improved productivity through seamless communication. You can cut through the red tape and delays when everything syncs. The easier it is to communicate, the quicker tasks will get done. The importance of this cannot be understated for a successful business.

How can you get Unified Communications?

It’s likely that a lot of your business communication is already unified via the cloud. Emails, instant messaging, shared networks are all examples of this. The missing piece of the puzzle for many businesses is usually their PBX (private branch exchange). Many still rely on the outdated copper network, which will soon be disconnected in 2020, for their phone lines.

However, you’re not most people. You’re a switched on individual and know it’s time to bring your PBX to the cloud for truly unified comms.

Introducing Spirit Smart ISDN…

The ISDN disconnection is very soon (2020 to be specific!), but there’s no need to be alarmed and make rushed plans. We have your back.

Our Smart ISDN is the ideal solution for you to take the next step, as it enhances your existing PBX rather than forcing you to replace it. How? Spirit Smart ISDN upgrades your PBX to be VOIP compatible and future-proofs the hardware for a post-copper world. Effectively, it allows your business phone system to make and receive calls over the Internet as opposed to relying on the copper network.

The best part? You don’t even need to change your hardware. You can move entirely at your own pace and, frankly, it is so seamless you probably won’t notice a change at all. Except, of course, for the clearer audio quality and connectivity.

With our convenient Smart ISDN package, you can finally enter into the new world of unified communications. The result will be wonderfully consistent communication for your business, increasing productivity and driving success. Winner winner.

Learn more about Spirit Smart ISDN and our special bundle here. Or dial the phone and give us a call at 1300 007 001, but do it fast. You only have so long before the lines are dead.

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