Is your business prepared for worst-case scenarios?

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that life can be unpredictable. Your IT is no different. 

Don’t let an IT disaster ruin your hard work. Extended downtime can have devastating effects on your customer’s experience, your brand image, and also… your revenue. 

An effective disaster recovery plan, coupled with Managed IT solutions, can greatly reduce the costs associated with a disaster event. That means that if the worst does happen, you can keep working with minimal disruption. Now that’s IT we love. 

But, what is well managed IT, we hear you ask? Our experts discuss the four main things you can do to protect your business from worst-case scenarios: 

1. Document an effective Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP).   

From natural disasters to data breaches and cyber attacks, there’s a lot that can go wrong for your business. And while some businesses are prepared with a clear, well-defined disaster recovery plan, as much as 68% aren’t. The result of not having a plan can be catastrophic. And that’s not us being dramatic.  

It may feel a bit daunting. Maybe even boring. But it’s crucial for businesses of all sizes to implement effective disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Trust us, they can be the difference between your business surviving the unexpected and shutting its doors forever! 

IT systems underpin all modern workplaces, and ignoring them can cause huge issues in critical moments. From workforces unable to work, to customers being unable to reach you, there’s a lot that can go wrong. So how do you create a plan that will protect you against… well, anything?!  

We highly recommend you work with your IT partner, such as Spirit, to create DR and BCP policies to cover the technology risks to your business. Using their expertise, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your business IT is disaster-proof. Just the way we like it! 

With extensive disaster recovery, we go beyond simple back-ups to ensure your key workloads are protected – and stay that way. That’s why all our disaster recovery processes are customised to your business priorities and compliance requirements. We can guide you through a detailed process that includes design, implementation, testing, and deployment.  

An effective DR and BCP policy should also be tested, at least annually, to ensure your people are aware and can respond when required. 

2. Identify your key line of business applications and how the data for these are stored.  

Ask yourself 4 questions: 

  • What are my key business applications? 
  • How do I access my key business applications? 
  • What happens to the data that I store for my key business applications? 
  • What would be the impact on my business if one (or more) of these were to stop working? 

To be able to measure and assess the risks to your business, you need to be able to answer these questions.  

Once you have the answer, we recommend you work with your IT partner to put actionable and achievable measures in place to avoid critical data loss.  

At Spirit, we can help you achieve this. Our services provide a geographically diverse, secure and dependable safety net for a range of data loss events, including malicious or accidental deletions, hardware failures, and cybercrime. 

3. Take care of your business data. You know, images and stuff.  

You know the drill. Every user in your organisation has data that they create, store and use.  

When planning for a worst-case scenario, you need to consider how data is stored and if a back-up is required. Spoiler, the answer is probably yes! Backing up files will allow you to recover them later, if required.  

For many businesses, backing up to the cloud proves to be the best option for their BCP and DR needs. Why? Because the cloud is future-proof. Not only is it more affordable than expensive hardware, but it can also scale with your business, giving you the agility your business needs. 

Moving to new technology doesn’t have to mean growing costs. Our team of technical experts can help you create the perfect cloud-based solution and offer ongoing support. 

We offer a range of services to assist you with your business’ cloud strategy, including lift-and-shift migration of applications running using on-premises infrastructure. Speak to a member of our team about backing up to the cloud.  

4. Migrate to a secure environment using Microsoft 365 (and make sure you back-up). 

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we know how to make Microsoft products work even harder for your business. And that includes creating a secure environment for your business to run.  

By achieving Gold Member status, we have demonstrated our commitment to excellence in evolving Microsoft technologies and maximising the benefits for you, our customers. 

We can bridge your hybrid environments with scalable data-centre solutions. Our capable team will work with you to design, implement and maintain a bespoke Windows Server infrastructure, created to suit your business needs. All our solutions are maintained in a scaled and highly virtualised environment, meaning our solutions can grow with you. 

But what if Microsoft itself had an issue, we hear you ask? Luckily, Spirit has got you covered. Our team uses various technologies that can help you continue running your business, even in the case of this extremely unlikely event.  

IT Management you can trust 

Spirit’s Managed Services can provide fully managed IT services that deliver best-of-breed outsourcing to your business. In other words, we’ll take care of your IT, so you don’t have to! 

The IT experts at Spirit can work with you to assess your existing IT setup, identify gaps, and recommend changes to ensure that your business is ready to handle a disruption. 

We offer peace of mind through proactive monitoring, incident response, vulnerability management, change control and more. Whether you don’t have the skill set, or simply don’t have the time, Spirit’s Managed Service could be the answer to taking care of your business’ IT requirements. 

Go on. Leverage industry-leading outsourcing services from Spirit. We can unleash the power of your staff, and drive greater value across your organisation. Now, that’s service we can get behind. 


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