Is your business ready for the looming Great Resignation?

Global pandemics are generally a one in 100 year event, not exactly something you can set your watch to. The fallout from the upheaval of 2020 and 2021 will be felt for generations to come. The changes have the potential to radically alter the way businesses operate.  

We highlighted some of the key themes that employers and employees are experiencing around the world. This leaves us with this burning question, is your organisation ready for what comes next, the Great Resignation?  

Work loyalty has a shortening expiry date  

Working from home due to governmental lockdowns has allowed many workers, especially parents, the opportunity to reflect on what makes them happy. Is it being stuck in peak hour traffic twice a day, or is it enjoying breakfast with their kids before wandering into their home office at 8:59 AM? Is it the flexibility to only attend the office when it’s absolutely essential?  

One trend to emerge from the pandemic may be an extremely mobile workforce. Many formerly office-bound professionals have had a taste of hybrid working arrangements, and there may be no going back. The work-life balance has long tilted toward an erosion of family and social life. 

Employee engagement & collaboration moving to the digital world 

On the flipside, how have younger, unmarried employees coped with lockdowns? Do they miss the vitality of an office environment and the social aspect of shared workplaces with mid-morning coffees and Friday night drinks? How will they respond to the option of a hybrid work option? Will they be happiest working from home in pyjama pants on Mondays and Tuesdays and then enjoy the office camaraderie for the remainder of the week? The questions thrown up by the forced changes to the workplace are endless.  

One thing is for certain. The workplace as we know it will never be the same. Employees who are not accommodated may simply resign and take their skills elsewhere. Staff retention is about to become the biggest issue faced by many industries as the Great Resignation unfolds. Going digital is no longer optional. Businesses that fail to sufficiently embrace online meetings, utilise software that facilitates employee collaboration, and offer flexible working arrangements are in for a rude awakening.    

Creating a new future-proof working environment  

As technology disruptors, we thrive on the opportunities created by uncertainty. Our early prediction is that organisations that can provide their employees with cutting edge technology devices, powerful Internet, collaborative software tools, and lifestyle flexibility will be best placed to attract and retain talent. If you’re not prepared to cater to the work-life balance demands of your staff, you may soon be swamped by the Great Resignation. This is a big shift in traditional management mentality, but it needs to be embraced across the board.  

Stepping into the unknown  

The future of the workplace is in a state of flux. Tomorrow’s business winners will be staffed by the best and brightest talent. How are you preparing for hybrid working arrangements? How happy are your employees? How will you manage your most important personnel assets to ensure they remain with your business long-term? Now is the time to consider such dilemmas and plan accordingly.  

We’re quietly confident that Spirit is ahead of this curve. We have the tech solutions to keep your staff happy and productive. We have strategies that will help future proof your business operations and have the know-how required to set up a hybrid workforce. And as always, our team of experts are ready to help your organisation with any tech-related questions.        

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