We caught up with our Infrastructure Manager, Shaun Harrison, after the Pivot Summit last week to hear all about the event. Read what Shaun had to say about the Summit, Steve Wozniak, and the digital future below.

I was lucky enough to attend the 2017 Pivot Summit in Geelong on the 8th of December, representing Spirit as a Bronze Sponsor and WiFi partner. For everyone who couldn’t attend, I’ve put together my top 5 highlights.

1. Federal Mills Business Park is a stunning venue

First up, I need to comment on the amazing work done by Cam Hamilton and the David Hamilton Property Group in developing the Fed Mills Business Park. They’ve done an incredible job bringing new life to a set of iconic heritage buildings that are now a meeting point for innovative and emerging industries. The Fed Mills Business Park is now synonymous with technology and innovation in Geelong and we are thrilled to already be providing Internet to 19 businesses in the park.

2. The Woz is an inspiration

Seeing Steve Wozniak (aka Woz) speak was definitely up there as one of my favourite moments of the Summit. He captivated the crowd with stories about the early days of Apple and being a tech pioneer. In speaking about Steve Jobs and the legacy he left, he compared the former leader to Elon Musk, not in ideas but in vision. They built products for themselves – “If you do that it often matches with everyone else’s needs – that’s why they are successful.

I was so inspired by the Woz – He rocks a mean pair of green sneakers which are now on my Christmas list.

3. The fears around losing our humanity must be discussed

These are paraphrased words from William Confalonieri, the Chief Digital Officer at Deakin University, and I couldn’t agree any more. Sometimes working in tech and being exposed to amazing new pieces of gear you can forget why you build and develop and innovate in the way that you do. It’s important to remember that everything you do is for people. For us, it’s about helping people connect in faster and more exciting ways. Connecting families across continents and making sure you’re not the only one in the office that can’t join in on Monday morning’s ‘Game of Thrones’ discussion. People should always be at the heart of technology.

4. There is some amazing technology soon to be in every home in Australia

Virtual and Augmented Reality are, pardon the pun, now realities. We’re seeing VR and AR being built into our phones, and fridges and kettles that connect to the Internet to send you a notification when your milk is going bad or your water has boiled. As these emerging technologies become more mainstream, is the demand for fast, high quality Internet from Australian households going to be too much for your common broadband suppliers? We need a super-fast, world-class network to be able to embrace the innovative tech being made available to us. Luckily, that’s what Spirit has built.

5. Geelong is hungry for digital

Geelong is going through an exciting transformation, to be one of Australia’s leading hubs of IT and innovation. It was inspiring to see the passion from some of the brightest minds in tech in Australia come together to share insights on the digital future and its impact on how we work, live and think.

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