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Fast deployment
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per-seat pricing

We’re an advanced Microsoft Partner

Express, Executive or Enterprise support

Work from anywhere, anytime Why LiveOffice Desktop?

Software licensing? Taken care of.

LiveOffice Desktop supports both Microsoft Standard and Professional applications. We are experts in installation, maintenance and migration of Office suite applications, so we’ll take care of the tough stuff for you.

Increase control with profile management

Customise and manage user profiles within your organisation, ensuring employees have the right tools available.

Increase productivity with high-availability

LiveOffice Desktop is supported by a grid storage architecture that replicates data between members of the grid. This ensures at least two copies of desktop data are stored within the grid, so you’ll never be without your valuable data.

Security and peace of mind

All LiveOffice Desktop services are located behind a secure firewall. Best-practice security policies and procedures are used to minimise attack surfaces and ensure a fully patched and secure supporting infrastructure.

In case you were wondering Here’s what is included

Is your company going green? Whether you’re the whole way there or just a slight tinge of lime, LiveOffice Desktop can help your business reach it’s eco targets. 

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), also known as Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS, is a virtual desktop provided by Spirit. By reducing the need for new equipment, lowering your business’s energy requirements, encouraging paperless offices and promoting remote working, LiveOffice Desktop can significantly shrink your company’s carbon footprint and help you meet your environmental targets. 

DaaS also enables users to access corporate applications and data via a familiar Microsoft Windows desktop experience. Meaning your people can work anywhere, anytime, as long as there’s an Internet connection. Oh, and did we mention the whole solution is managed by Spirit? 

Not only does this provide an end-user experience fitting for the modern workplace, LiveOffice Desktop offers a range of benefits to Aussie businesses like yours. Our solutions offer improved security, disaster recovery options, easy management of software updates, reduced support overheads and simplified provisioning.

Makes working easier

  • Full virtual desktop
  • Support for most third party applications
  • Office Standard & Professional included
  • Easily scaled to meet your businesses requirements

Security you can count on

  • Antivirus filter included
  • Tier 3 or higher Australian IDCs included
  • High availability options
  • Encrypted data storage

Ongoing support

  • Support coverage options to suit your needs and budget
  • 24×7 Aussie support

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