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Enable your staff to work anywhere, anytime, on any device. With LiveOffice Teams Connector, your people will benefit from a simple and streamlined suite of tools designed to improve connectivity and productivity. So whether Sharon from HR is working from home, or sitting right beside you, you’ll be able to work together seamlessly. Forever.

Work better togetherCall anyone using Microsoft Teams

Hang up on your old phone system. Say hello to LiveOffice Teams Connector.

Like most businesses, you may get overwhelmed by the number of ways we can communicate: phone calls, instant messaging, SMS, carrier pigeon, smoke signals – you get it, it’s a long list! Now, using the new MS Teams Calling packages from LiveCall, you can call externally using the public phone.

Spirit LiveOffice Teams Connector is a companion service for Office 365, enabling businesses like yours to switch on telephony features in Microsoft Teams in minutes. Just when you thought MS Teams couldn’t get any better!

The solution leverages LivePBX, our business grade voice platform. Hosted in the cloud, the service carries millions of calls every day over a highly resilient SIP platform that is built to deliver exceptional quality. All to make business communication that much easier.

And the best part? You can seamlessly integrate internal and external calls, video conferencing, email, instant messaging, and file sharing into one, simple solution. By bringing everything together, you’ll increase your business agility, improve your end-user experience, and reduce costs, administration and training. Helping your business get ahead of its competitors – and ensuring it stays that way.

Choose from various call options

  • Call Anyone on Microsoft Teams
  • Call externally using the public phone
  • Switch on telephony features in Microsoft Teams in minutes

Collaborate like never before

  • Make and receive internal and external voice and video calls
  • Chat, meet, share files and work with other apps
  • Streamline the number of tools your staff need

Keep it in the Cloud

  • Hosted in the Cloud
  • Highly resilient SIP platform, built to deliver exceptional quality

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