Take your business to the cloud with LiveOffice

A unified approach to running your business

Works seamlessly with our suite of Live products

Bundle and save with other Spirit products

One Bill & Touchpoint for all your services

24x7 Aussie support available

We know you’re wondering...Why Spirit LiveOffice?

Don’t limit your business with expensive, outdated technology. Take it to the cloud. Literally!

Spirit LiveOffice is a secure, scalable solution designed to suit the needs of SMBs across Australia. Giving your people the flexibility to work whenever they want, wherever they want.

You’ll be surprised what your business can achieve with Spirit LiveOffice.

Scales with your business

Spirit LiveOffice services have the flexibility to scale with your business. With services priced on a per-user, per-month basis, our solutions are built on a highly scalable Enterprise Microsoft environment. And the best part? They operate across multiple Tier 3 or higher Australian IDCs, because your business deserves the best.

Secure and compliant

Your users will experience the benefits of industry leading features. The LiveOffice cloud environment enables enforcement of policies for regulatory compliance.


At Spirit, we like to keep things simple. That’s why you can manage your services and devices in one place. See? We told you it was easy.

24x7 Support

We’re dedicated to providing fast, reliable, professional and innovative support. So that’s what we’ll give you. We’re dedicated to keeping your business running smoothly.

Do IT with SpiritHere’s what is included

Things change. Your business will too. Why not invest in a solution that will change with it? Introducing LiveOffice from Spirit.

Change the way you manage your office technology with secure, scalable cloud solutions. Spirit LiveOffice is an integrated and unified approach to running your business in the cloud, and includes:

A range of services

  • Hosted desktop
  • Hosted exchange
  • Hosted PBX
  • Cloud Storage

Security you can count on

  • Secure, high-availability data storage
  • Enterprise-grade Microsoft Cloud SaaS applications
  • Delivered over private or encrypted networks

The Spirit Difference

  • Customisable support levels
  • Delivered from Tier 3 or higher Australian IDCs

Invest in technology thatAdapts to your business

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