Making collaboration easy with Microsoft Teams

Like most businesses, you may get overwhelmed by the number of ways we can communicate: phone calls, instant messaging, SMS, carrier pigeon, smoke signals – you get it, it’s a long list!

Keeping your workforce engaged is just one of the many challenges Aussie businesses face. From staff newsletters to team building days, there are plenty of strategies to keep your employees in the loop.  

If only there was a way to streamline all that communication into one, easy-to-use service? Oh wait, there is! None are so simple as using Microsoft Teams. 

What’s so great about Microsoft Teams  

One of the main advantages of Microsoft Teams is its ability to integrate new capabilities and functions. Designed for businesses of all sizes, Microsoft has created a way for organisations to cater for and support the many workflows different teams need as part of their day-to-day work. Impressive, we know.  

More than just a meeting app, MS Teams is very intuitive and easy to learn, especially when comparing it to other collaboration apps on the market. And the best part? If you already use Microsoft Office 365 as your core office application, you have the added bonus of knowing MS Teams will work seamlessly with your existing applications. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Meetings in Microsoft Teams are also some of the most interactive ones on the market. Its together mode and custom layout capabilities allow users to feel more connected during virtual meetings and engage more with their colleagues on the other side of the screen. 

Want to know more? We thought so. Here are some of the benefits in a nutshell: 

Enriched productivity  

MS Teams channels help enhance your team’s productivity by making conversations, meetings, file sharing, and tasks available in one, single, easy-to-use interface. By making all the tools your team needs available in one place, your people can save time and increase their productivity. 

You can get more done when everything you need can be used on the same platform.  

Better employee engagement  

MS Teams makes it easier for colleagues to keep on top of what is going on across your business. Long email chains with Ben from Marketing, Louise from Sales, and the dog from next door will become a thing of the past. Simply type @-name who you want to talk to in the appropriate channel, and they’ll receive your message instantly.

Communicating via messages and meetings in various channels increases transparency, and gives everyone in the channel the opportunity to catch up or “pop-in”.  

Increase workplace flexibility  

Microsoft Teams opens up the possibility of your workforce working from anywhere, at any time. All MS Teams’ productivity and collaboration features are stored in the cloud, meaning your people can pick up from where they left off, no matter where they are.  

Secured and private  

Designed especially for businesses, Microsoft Teams was developed with a whole host of security and privacy settings built into their file-sharing and communication tools. All to keep your data safe and secure. The solution protects identity and account identification using a number of variable criteria like multi-factor authentication, conditional access, and secure guest access.  

Quick integration within Microsoft and other 3rd party software 

Even though most companies use Teams for simple messaging and meetings, it can be used for a lot more than just a place to chat. MS Teams are jam-packed with other useful features. The platform integrates with the Office 365 Suite offering flawless synergy with over 30 apps including screen-sharing, scheduling, Outlook calendar integration, and the ability to take and share notes in apps such as whiteboard and OneNote.

Trust us, they’re great! 

Most importantly, your team stays connected  

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that working from the office isn’t always possible. In fact, many workers are now looking for flexible or fully remote working as part of their employment packages. With Microsoft Teams, that doesn’t need to pose a problem for your business. In fact, it can be an asset. With the right tools, remote working can increase employee productivity and satisfaction. And that’s something we like to shout about.   

Collaborate from anywhere with Sharepoint and OneDrive 

Traditional collaboration has been whiteboard in the office, but the way forward is for companies to embrace work from anywhere. This is where collaboration tools come into play. Enable your teams by using Sharepoint and OneDrive.

Sharepoint works just like the typical share drives we know and love, with some extra features to boot. You can create groups, assign privileges, create an intranet, and even share collective knowledge – all without investing in any more infrastructure. Hosted in the cloud, Sharepoint allows your teams to access data from anywhere and any (authenticated) device. Offering the ultimate experience in flexibility and security.

Make calls with Spirit’s Teams to Call Connector 

For an enhanced experience, our experts can add SIP lines to your Microsoft Office package. This allows your teams to call contacts directly through Microsoft Teams, without the need for your existing business phone system.  

With Spirit LiveOffice Teams Connector, you can rely on the same level of security for your calls too. Replace your aging business phone system with our managed LiveOffice cloud services, enabling PBX business calling capabilities from within Office 365. Our LiveOffice solution means your teams will be able to place, receive, hold, retrieve and forward calls in the same place they complete other working tasks.  

We know what you are wondering Here’s how Teams Connector works

Want to turbocharge your modern way of collaboration? Integrate MS Teams Calling packages with LiveCall, you can enable your staff to work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Now that’s a technology worth shouting about!  

We know you’re wondering How does Spirit LiveCall work?

Spirit prioritise your business security  

If there is one thing we take seriously, it is business security. In fact, we are so passionate about it, we are always making improvements to the way we keep your business safe from hackers and malware. By utilising multi-factor authentication and VPN solutions on your network devices and on-premise resources, we can ensure your business is agile and secure, keeping you in control of your data. Just the way it should be.  

Our team of experts will carry out an in-depth audit of your current setup to identify gaps in your infrastructure and propose the best and most innovative solutions to mitigate your risk. Together, we will discuss your business goals and requirements to ensure your tech works as hard for you as you need it to. It’s what we do.  

Bring your business into 2021 with Microsoft Teams, Spirit LiveOffice and LiveCall

Still not convinced? Microsoft Teams is the right tool for your business if you want to empower collaboration, structure teamwork, support remote working and increase productivity. 

Microsoft Teams apps, tools and channels mean your staff can work better together through video meetings, screen sharing, 3rd party app integration, and easy content and information sharing. So, pretty much all the collaboration software your business could ever need.  

By keeping essential communication and collaboration tools in one, secure location, you are enabling your workforce to work better. And do it securely. Now, that’s tech we love. 

Want to hear more about how Spirit can help you with Microsoft Teams? Get in touch with our friendly team of experts.  

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