Protect your business with Managed Firewalls

Complex security. One simple solution.

Next generation endpoint protection

Mitigate risk. Maximise Compliance

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Peace of mind

Spirit’s Firewall service secures your network edge against the growing threats of cyber-crime. We can stop cryptolockers at the door, protect your business against data leakage, and ensure only approved traffic gets into your network.

Mitigate risk. Maximise compliance.

Spirit’s Managed Firewalls mitigate security risks. How, you ask? We maximise your compliance with security standards including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

Never stop working (unless you want to) with H/A Firewalls

With Spirit, it will take a lot more than a hardware failure to take your business offline. We’ll ensure your business remains secure and online – and our H/A firewall clusters will keep it that way.

Do IT with SpiritHere's what is included

Data breaches have been estimated to cost Australian businesses up to $29 billion per year*. That’s something we don’t like.

Spirit’s Managed Firewall services secure your network edge with enterprise-grade security, protecting your business from costly data breaches. Now that’s something we do like.

Don’t let your valuable business data fall into the wrong hands. With multiple firewall vendors supported, we can select, design and deploy a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) that delivers best-practice protection for your business.

NGFWs combine packet inspection with stateful inspection, deep packet inspection (DPI), IDS/IPS, malware filtering and antivirus to provide industry-leading protection.

Trust us with your network protection, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Our Managed Firewall Solutions are:

Designed to protect your network

  • Enterprise-grade, next-generation protection
  • We support multiple firewall vendors
  • Physical and virtual appliances
  • Application aware security

Tailored to you

  • Sized to fit: from small sites to head offices and data centers, we’ve got you covered
  • High availability clusters
  • User Access Control
  • Managed to assists with Adds / Moves / Changes

NGFW Features

  • Stateful inspection
  • Deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Malware filtering
  • Antivirus

Industry Leading Network Firewall Security

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