Melbourne’s Fastest Internet

That’s right. Melbourne’s fastest Internet Service Provider as rated by Ookla (R).

Ookla is a pretty reputable source – You’ve probably used them once or twice to check your Internet speeds – so we’re happy to take their word on it. They recently released their report on Q2 and Q3 2017 Internet speeds where they rated Spirit as the fastest ISP in Melbourne. You can see the full report here.

Want to know how we did it?

It’s simple!

1. Low Contention Ratios – We’ll never tell you what our ratio is, that’s a trade secret. What we can tell you is that we constantly monitor our network and adjust our capacity to ensure customers get the right speed at the right time.

2. Fibre and Radio – It’s no secret how we feel about this one. Copper was great while it lasted, but the future is Fibre and Radio. Our technology blend allows Spirit to send data quicker and more direct than old school networks.

3. It’s Not Just Our Network That’s Fast – Because we don’t need to spend as much time underground, Spirit services are generally installed in a shorter amount of time than other providers.

4. We’re Not Like The Big Bad Telcos – There’s not really much else to say here. We felt that Australians deserved a world-class network, so we went out and built one.

5. What Comes Down Must Go Up – All the telco industry can talk about is download download download. But what about upload? What about when you need to back up your smartphone? Or when you’re video calling with your friends overseas? It’s not enough to offer upload speeds at a fraction of download speeds. That’s why all new plans come with symmetrical speeds – meaning you upload just as fast as you download.

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