Microsoft Teams employs AI and machine learning to improve calling and meeting experiences

Microsoft Teams has proven a game-changer since the pandemic forced millions of employees to embrace a mixture of office days and remote work options. With such hybrid arrangements now being adopted long-term by progressive, staff-friendly organisations, we have bundled the best solutions into tidy packaged offerings such as Spirit Meet.      

Face-to-face meetings, instant messaging and file sharing are crucial to making the hybrid working model a successful experience. They allow us to remain connected to our colleagues regardless of their location. Before adopting video calls, your employees would be missing out on subtle non-verbal cues that can’t be captured via dry email chains. Let’s be honest some work-from-home employees need a compelling reason to change out of their pyjamas and into more formal attire.  

Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to improve the Teams platform by utilising AI and machine learning input. Gone are the days of scratchy video and audio quality, and now any modern laptop is capable of facilitating high-quality conferencing tools on demand. Instant messaging is also more fun and interactive now that you can share GIFs and emojis with your co-workers. 

Recent improvements to the Teams program include:  

  • Echo cancellation eliminates feedback while amplifying the speaker’s voice.   
  • De-reverberation that adjusts for poor room acoustics and the shallow ‘cave-like’ sound that can hamper call quality.  
  • Interruptibility simulates more natural conversations allowing the participants and speakers to talk over one another occasionally. This feature balances the microphones in play so all voices can be equally heard. 
  • Background noise suppression to cancel out sounds like slamming doors, screaming toddlers, and noisy neighbours.  
  • Realistic, high-quality video quality allows calls to flow smoothly and naturally without breaks and pauses.  
  • Brightness and colour filters that present your face in its best light.  
  • Real-time screen optimisation to enhance the screen or content you are sharing.  
  • App Integration that allows you to merge your favourite app with the Teams platform.  

Microsoft is committed to the continual improvement of its modern workplace programs. Whether you are closing a deal with clients on the other side of the world, clowning around in a light-hearted gathering of colleagues, or presenting a new initiative to senior management, the Teams platform is the way to go.  

Talk to us to learn more about our Meet solution and how we can deliver more natural, resilient, and efficient online calling and meeting experiences.  

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