Future-proof your home. Don’t get stuck in the NBN traffic jam.

From TVs and laptops to cars and fridges, the future is endless when it comes to your home going online. Make sure your Internet can handle it.

There’s been a bit of noise created lately that congestion on the NBN’s network is a real issue that is only getting worse. And with no plans to update the already out of date fibre to the node technology, there are also no signs that the NBN is going to be getting better, any time soon.

What is Internet congestion, and why is it such a big deal?

You can think of Internet congestion in the same way as a traffic jam. If you’re driving on a highway, the more cars on the road creating traffic obviously means you can’t drive as fast. That’s Internet congestion in a nutshell. The NBN is a big, over-budget, single-lane highway that wasn’t built to handle the traffic it’s already receiving.

So if you think of the NBN like a highway with a never-ending rush hour, you can think of alternative Internet providers with their own independent network like owning your own helicopter. They allow you to avoid all that traffic by flying through the sky, super-fast.

Why future proofing your home Internet matters

Your Internet at home might not quite be in such dire straits like in the analogy above, but seeing as NBN congestion is getting worse, the decisions you make today about your Internet provider could significantly impact your household in 2-3 years time.

Think about your children trying to complete their homework, your spouse trying to complete that urgent report before work the next morning, or that movie you’re trying to stream during a rare moment of downtime with the family that won’t stop buffering. You’ll start to see why looking into an alternative provider that can avoid congestion issues now is a good idea.

The world of tomorrow

With Australia’s population forecast to hit 30 million by 2029, more people with more gadgets connecting to the NBN means you need to get your own super-fast, sky-speed NBN alternative sorted, before it’s too late.

Speaking of gadgets, smart TVs and smart fridges are just a few things to worry about when it comes to adding to congestion. The future Australian household will also see smart doors, windows and even taps connecting to the network. Are you starting to see what we mean when we talk about congestion? Australians deserve better, and need to be more prepared.

As a leading alternative to the NBN, Spirit is here to help you prepare your home for the future. Get in touch today to find out more.

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