Australian business owners know the importance of a stable Internet connection. The promise of the National Broadband Network (NBN) rolling out across the country suggested this need would be met with secure, fast and reliable connectivity. However, every week it’s another headline about the NBN and it generally isn’t particularly reassuring news.

As businesses often have Internet usage requirements greater than home users, particularly bandwidth and reliability, they may find that researching options beyond the NBN for their technological and cloud-based application needs, time well spent.

Did you know that your business has an alternative to the NBN?

At Spirit we think Australians deserve choice and a genuine alternative. That is why we built our own network that is independent from the NBN. To cater for businesses who require more than what the NBN may be able to currently offer them, we specialise in business-grade fixed-wireless broadband to deliver Super Fast Internet plans from 50Mbps up to 1Gbps[1] to provide the ultimate in speed and reliability.

What to be aware of when choosing an Internet plan for your business

Much of the frustration from business users connected to the NBN comes from not getting the speeds they are paying for.

There is a bit to understanding what causes issues with speed than you may first think – an equally important aspect to understand is contention.

Contention is when an Internet connection is congested. Just like traffic congestion, it simply means how many people in your neighbourhood are trying to travel on “your bit” of the Internet at any one time. For business, this can be particularly problematic at the beginning and the end of the day.

Another inherent problem with most plans  available through resellers is that they  are not “symmetrical”. This means that it’s not as fast to upload data as it is to download it. That can be a huge drawback for businesses that are sending large files around –for example medical practices, builders, architects, engineers, graphic designers and more. There’s no point getting a large file from someone quickly if it takes forever to change it and send it back.

World Class, Serious Internet can power your business today

You can rest easy with an Internet connection from Spirit as our business plans offer world class speeds, unlimited data, symmetrical uploads and downloads and low latency – that’s what we call Serious Internet!

Where a building is connected to the Spirit network, business users can enjoy one of the fastest Internet services in the world. Literally. 50Mbps? 200MBps? Easy. You can even choose speeds of up to 1Gbps and beyond[1].

Look, we’re biased of course, but an independent network like Spirit does offer advantages to the demanding business marketplace. In fact, Spirit was recently independently rated as Melbourne’s fastest Internet service provider[2].

Need more than just an Internet Connection?

As a “convergent network” provider, Spirit can bundle a whole range of telephony services and PhoneNames. As the country moves away from copper telephone lines, businesses can feel assured that our suite of next generation telephony solutions will meet and exceed even the most demanding of use cases. And, we make it easy as business customers only need to deal with one supplier for all telephony and Internet needs.

That’s why Spirit proudly claims to be “Different. Better.” Always.

[1] Available to qualified sites
[2] B Grubb, ‘Revealed: the fastest telcos and cities in Australia for broadband’, Sydney Morning Herald, 9 November 2017, 

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