Time is the most precious commodity that we have. It waits for nobody and once time is gone… We never get it back.

Our lives are busy, and everything around us is evolving faster than ever. If we lag, we get stuck in the past. It’s hard to catch up to the present when time is moving so fast.

So what do we do about the future?

Fact is, the Internet is fuelling our rapid evolution, and Australians are still wasting their time waiting for a promise that is too slow to catch up with the present.

The NBN, has been a bit of a time waster. Waiting for the NBN to get connected in your area, then hoping that all the things you’ve heard about the NBN aren’t true, can be stressful. What if you don’t get the internet you deserve? Another big time waster.

Spirit is here to save your day.

We’re here to tell you that the NBN is NOT the be all and end all of internet in Australia. In fact, it doesn’t even come close.

You have an alternative. We are that alternative.

At Spirit, we’ve built our own fixed wireless network. It’s a network that we own, allowing us to provide you with the speeds you expect, even at peak times. We can do this because we cut out the middle man.  We’re not a NBN reseller.

We’re here to cure the headaches that often come with getting an internet connection. Cable? ADSL? NBN? We can cut all those wires for you. Our internet is delivered at off-the-charts speeds, through the air. Don’t just take our word for it, we were independently rated as Melbourne’s fastest internet* provider last year.

Our internet service works by beaming our network out via a radio on the roof. This allows us to optimise our internet with the highest possible speeds for residential apartments (up to 400Mbps) and business (up to 1Gbps). That’s right. You read that correctly. Up to 1 GIGABIT per second for Australian businesses. That’s symmetrical download and upload speeds by the way. Just saying.

With us, you have a chance to be a part of what internet in Australia should be. We expand and upgrade all the time, keeping our service fast, different, better and consistent. We never sit still.

Serious internet, seriously different and seriously better.

Get the Internet you deserve. Today.

*Source: Ookla LLC report November 2017

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