On and off the field success when you play team sports

A conversation with Spirited Women’s Sports Enthusiast – Dinie Tarmizi

Dinie is Spirit’s Brand Manager for Small to Medium Businesses, and she is passionate about team sports. On her first day at Spirit, Dinie arrived with a pair of crutches and a moon boot. She told us that she tore her ligament playing sports. Curious to know more, Spirited Women took the opportunity to get up close and personal with Dinie to discover what inspired her to play team sports and its benefits. She told us despite her injuries, she still spoke passionately about playing team sports.

What inspired you to join/play team sports? 

Believe it or not, growing up as an only child meant I did not have the opportunity to learn social etiquettes like sharing, playing nice, taking turns and teamwork. As a kid, I also spent most of my childhood in hospitals because I suffered from severe asthmas attacks. I had to avoid any activities that put a strain on my lungs. It was not until I moved to Australia (about 14 years ago) was I confident enough to try sports again. Once my health allowed me to live an active life, I joined a local mixed netball and mixed touch rugby team.

What do you think the benefits are?

I get the best natural hit for your body: adrenaline, dopamine, and endorphins. Joining social sports was also a great way for me to establish my Melbourne network and made some great friends along the way. Other benefits: a healthy dose of competitiveness, teamwork and winning!

Can we draw a correlation between the things we learn from team sports and work? 

  • Accountability. When you join a team, the expectation is that you show up on time to your games.
  • Time management. Being committed to playing team sports encourages you to have a work/life balance.
  • Teamwork. There is no “I” in team sports. The best team are the ones who work together as a collective.
  • Trust. As a team, we trust our teammates to play their role on the field.

What would be your advice if people would like to pursue team sports but don’t know where to start?

The best place to start is to ask any of your friends if they play any social sports and see if you can tag along for a trial.

If you know what sports interests you, do a bit of Google research, you find that most sporting codes offer a beginner training program to help you start playing. The cost differs from each sporting code, and some codes even provide free training programs at the beginning of each season.

Any words of wisdom? 

Do not shy away from a leadership role if the club or your peers nominated you. I was fortunate to be given the captaincy. The experience has taught me the importance of being organised and building a strong relationship with your teammates. Being in charge also helps build your self-esteem and trust within yourself; I realise that leadership comes in many forms.

About Dinie Tarmizi 

Dinie moved here to Australia from Malaysia when she was 21. She sees herself as a risk-taker when it comes to pursuing her dreams. She studied at RMIT and completed her Bachelor of Communication (Advertising-Creative) and Master of Communication (Advertising). Dinie has spent a decade working within the media and creative industry in Melbourne. Her experience ranges across blue-chip clients and small start-ups. She was quick to adopt the Aussie lifestyle of work hard and play hard. When she is not at work, she enjoys playing touch rugby and netball. Recently she found her love for the snow and passion for snowboarding. Like everyone in Melbourne, she started baking weekly shokupan bread to pass the time during the lockdown.

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