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With most organisations now offering hybrid employment options to professional staff members, you need to ensure your people remain connected, productive, and secure whether they work in the office or remotely.    

Some of the questions posed for organisations by the changing work environment are: 

  • How do we integrate team members that no longer share an office? 
  • How do we maintain cyber security when a multitude of personal and mobile devices are connected to our network?  
  • How do we manage our IT costs?   
  • And most importantly, how do we ensure productivity and efficiency aren’t affecting your bottom line? 

Microsoft has pioneered the modern workplace revolution with a suite of business programs, platforms and apps designed to help employees communicate and collaborate regardless of geographic location. The workforce has vastly benefitted from this technology.  

The Microsoft 365 Business Premium is a comprehensive productivity and security toolkit for medium-sized businesses that allows teams to:  

  • Collaborate in real-time via shared documents stored on the cloud.     
  • Enable secured remote access whilst protecting the user. 
  • Guard against cyber threats and data loss. 
  • Easily connect and manage devices using multi-factor authentication. 

The Microsoft 365 Business Premium package includes the essential tools and programs to keep your organisation ahead of the technology curve. It has everything in Microsoft 365 Business Standard, plus advanced cyberthreat protection and device management. 

Some key features:  

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Defend your business against advanced cyber threats with sophisticated malware, phishing and ransomware protection.

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Control access to sensitive information using encryption, Conditional Access and self-password reset.

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Protect your data from accidental or intentional leaks by restricting copy/paste/forward, Data Loss Prevention policies.

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Secure devices that connect to your data and help keep iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices safe and up to date (MAM/MDM), remote wiping lost/stolen devices.

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Deploy Windows devices remotely with Windows Autopilot.

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Get visibility and manage the risk of cloud apps used across your organisation.

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Provide remote access to secure Virtual Windows Desktop environments.

It doesn’t stop there. Microsoft is continually upgrading and improving its offerings to ensure that your organisation remains equipped for whatever IT challenges lie ahead.  

As an approved Microsoft Gold Provider, we are perfectly placed to assist with your licensing requirements. Our flexible packages are cost-effective and grow in sync with your organisational changes. We also offer ongoing support and training options to ensure your staff realise the full potential of these powerful business tools. 

The current workplace is a dynamic, rapidly changing environment that demands the right technology solutions. As an early adopter of hybrid working arrangements, we understand the challenges of unifying a flexible workforce to ensure employees remain engaged and productive. Our experience with hybrid work arrangements gathered during periods of lockdown and other obstacles allows us to equip your team with the essential tools such as those presented by Microsoft 365 Business Premium.  

Contact us for information regarding your organisation’s Microsoft licensing requirements today.            

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