Kate Hawker

Kate started with Spirit in May 2015 as Executive Assistant, and as the company grew, so was her role. She is a member of the Executive Leadership team and one of the main drivers of the Spirited women initiative. ​

In her spare time, Kate likes to make handmade Junk journals. She is very social and always loves to catch up with friends over a nice glass of wine and good food. In her youth, she aimed to be ‘The first female Managing Director of an International Hotel group’, maybe IT is the new hospitality? Watch this space!! ​

Her favourite place to visit was Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan. She was lucky enough to travel there a few years ago. She loved the culture, the food, and the people. The highlight was the trip on the bullet train. When the borders open, Kate looks forward to making a trip to Bali with her closest friends and relaxing around a pool in a villa are just some on her wish list!

Barbara Eckstein

Barbara is part of the finance team at Spirit. She immigrated to Australia when she was young and was glad to follow her dream, as the risk she took paid off greatly. Barbara enjoys travelling, but if she had to pick one country, she says it would have to be Italy. She’s visited Florence, Venice, Rome and loved the vibrant cities.

Learning another language is on her to-do list. She’s hoping to pick up Italian or French – which will come in handy when she can start travelling again! Barbara is young at heart and has no plans to grow up any time soon. When she’s not busy working for Spirit, Barbara enjoys spending time with her friends.​

Rupali Borkar

Rupali knew she would one day work for an IT company. Lucky for us, she found herself a job at Spirit, working as one of our trusted System Administrator. She’s known to be a very good listener amongst her friends – her teammates would also agree to it. ​

Always the positive one, Rupali, believes that everything will eventually fall into place; there is no point in rushing. However, she is eager to book her trip to Japan when we can all start travelling again. She told Spirited Women that she wants to learn how to sing – we can certainly arrange that with a karaoke night out!​

Lee Berryman

Lee is part of the Spirit team based in Dubbo. Before working for Spirit, Lee worked in various industries, including security, freight, and hospitality. Her absolute favourite was Blockbuster when people would line up on a Friday night to get the new releases on VHS. ​

She spends her time outside of work by annoying her husband endlessly, playing the Sims 4, crafting, roller skating, volunteering for the local Relay For Life and Triathlon club. She loves sports and her ideal way to start the day for Lee is a park run followed by brunch with her friends. ​

Lee is very passionate about the LBTQIA+ communities, putting pineapple on pizza but never onion or capsicum. Lee recharges her batteries by watching RuPauls Drag Race US, UK or Canada, and her secret to a happy life is joy, laughter and love. ​

Katie Bentley

As a Co-founder and CEO of Trident, Katie - an experienced leader with more than 25 years in the IT industry, loves finding solutions to solve her client's technology challenges. She is passionate about delivering IT transformation, value creation and growth for her clients. ​

Since Trident joined forces with Spirit in February 2020, She has loved working with the high performing team at Spirit, and she looks forward to further expanding Trident's capability. ​

Outside work, Katie spends time with her kids and loves to run and playing footy. Her favourite country to visit was Portugal. Simply for the great food, scenic walks and of course its rich history. Learning Italian is on her wish list, and she hopes to travel there when borders open. ​