Digital Workspaces forAussie Businesses

We build modern secure digital workplaces for Aussie businesses.

We’re a team of disruptors, shaking up the business technology industry on the ASX (ASX:ST1). Slightly unconventional, we prefer to set the trends and make it our mission to reimagine ways for Australians to do business.

We view IT as a means to modernise your workplace environment while enriching and enhancing the lives of your workforce. Where our competitors see wires and binary programs, we see the human element and how the right tech tools can help unleash your team.

Technology evolution is a serious endeavour, which is why ‘secure by design’ is in our genetic code. With the bounds of geography and time removed post-pandemic, we ensure you’ll have access to our support community wherever and whenever you need it, delivering peace of mind.


We are doers as well as thinkers. You can count on us to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, and deliver solutions you can rely on.

Drawn from diverse backgrounds, our people are our greatest asset, bringing a strategic mindset, can-do attitude and a wealth of experience to help your organisation grow. This gives you the time to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

With offices located across Australia, we live in your neighbourhood, and our team of 150+ engineers and technical experts are ready to tackle any business IT challenges you may encounter.

And finally, we provide the simplicity of a single contact point for all your business IT needs. When we say we take care of IT, we mean all of it.

So, whatever your tech needs — Do IT with Spirit

So, where did it All begin?

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