Julie Riggs June Blog

People, progress, and the modern workplace

With 30 years of experience in the tech industry, our CEO Julie Riggs has seen a whole range of workplace evolutions. Amidst technological and cultural shifts, one of the factors that remains constant is the importance of keeping people at the core. In this article, Julie shares her thoughts on the modern workplace, people, and important considerations for businesses today. 

When asked about my top business advice, ‘people’ is always front and centre. Whether we’re talking about employee or customer experience, your people are your biggest asset at the end of the day. And the right technology goes hand-in-hand with this as it enables businesses to deliver invaluable positive experiences, flexibility, and security.  

Provide a seamless experience for your people 

As Spirit’s CEO, I’m focused on promoting a culture within the organisation that provides a positive experience for both our employees and our customers. A critical part of this is attracting and retaining top talent, supporting employee engagement, and providing flexibility. Our modern workplace setup fuels this culture—I guess you could say we practice what we preach. 

As well as delivering tailored modern workplace solutions to our customers, we apply the same service to our own team. This allows them to be the best they can be so that we can provide the best solutions and service to our customers. When you’re able to attract and retain top talent, you’re set up to attract and retain customers. 

Being customer-centric is in Spirit’s DNA, and it’s something I want to instil for the long term. As with any service-based business, our success hinges upon human interactions. We’re focused on working closely with our customers to stay in tune with their needs to remain relevant and deliver the best business outcomes. In fact, we’re working on some exciting new developments that will hone in on the needs of our market segment even more moving forwards. You’ll be hearing a lot more about that soon!  

Flexibility is key 

Since we’re a people-first business, the pandemic got us thinking differently about how we engage with our own people as well as our clients. Across Australia and the world, leaders were challenged to be more open-minded about what they do, how they do it, and what the future holds. Two key aspects need to be at the forefront of supporting this open-minded approach: flexibility and security. 

A big part of what we do is enabling companies, and our own team, to achieve a flexible and secure workplace. By establishing a hybrid working environment, businesses can boost employee productivity and satisfaction while also opening up a much bigger talent pool across different locations.  

Technology allows you to capitalise on that growth. For example, even though some of our staff work across different Australian states, our teams remain connected, collaborative, and productive through our modern workplace setup. And through our technological solutions, we empower our customers to achieve the same with their teams. 

This flexible approach also extends to how we deliver our solutions. By providing tailored services and scalability, we set businesses up for success now and into the future. In our fast-moving modern world, this ability to adapt, grow, and change with ease is critical. And that’s an important part of what we do here at Spirit. 

Keep security top of mind 

When you’re talking about the modern workplace, security is a major factor in enabling that. At a time when many workplaces have become more dispersed and cyber threats are on the rise, security needs to remain front of mind. After all, preventing a breach is much cheaper than a cure. 

A seamless modern workplace means that the users can access data and services uninterruptedly and securely. If you think about the fundamentals o 

f how we work, less than three years ago, we were significantly more office-based and traditional. Flexibility was there, but not to the extent that you see today.  

When you visualise today’s modern workplace, businesses engage with their customers remotely using different technology. And with that shift comes the need for more sophisticated cyber security measures.  

It’s an exciting time with many big opportunities for business growth. I look forward to seeing our customers capitalise on the shift to increasingly flexible, secure, and digital workplaces to achieve better business outcomes now and into the future.  

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