Melbourne’s Premier Multi-Dwelling-Units to receive Ultra-Fast Symmetric Upload and Download Speeds of up to 200Mbps from Spirit.

For Immediate Release:

Melbourne, VIC –1st December 2014, Spirit Telecom, a provider of Ultra-Fast Internet to Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), has launched its UFi (pronounced ‘Yoo-Fee’) product, providing customers residing in premier MDUs symmetric upload and download speeds of up to 200Mbps.

On the back of launching a 200Mbps service earlier this year, Spirit has again outpaced its competition with a much faster symmetrical service. UFi (meaning Ultra-Fast Internet), sets a new benchmark for Internet services in Australia.

Spirit UFi uses its own in-building network, rather than old copper, and comes at a time when download and upload activities of Australians are ever increasing. Spirit customers will have a more consistent Internet experience, with robust service reliability at all hours for frequent sharing activities such as:

  • Smooth Video Chatting
  • Great online gaming experience
  • Sharing multimedia files on social media such as Facebook and YouTube
  • Uploading big files or backing up files using Cloud Service

Spirit has tested the symmetric speed on its network at College Square in Carlton. “Using a sizable sample of customers, we quietly upgraded over 500 students and measured the impacts on our network” explained Geoff Neate, Spirit’s managing director. “The result was a 61% increase in data uploads, compared to the same period in 2013 and our network didn’t miss a beat”.

World Class Internet

Until now, symmetric download and upload speeds have been available in North America and Western Europe, but not available to Australian homes. Spirit has become the first ISP to offer such services at a residential level. “Spirit’s Ultra-Fast symmetric speeds are certainly a step forward and unique for Australians” Neate said. A recent Ookla NetIndex study highlighted by The Guardian revealed that Australia has continually dropped off the rank in global upload speeds. Where Australia used to rank 48th in 2008, the country now sits at 100th.

Spirit Telecom General Manager of products and sales Joe Tigel said it has put the company at the forefront of residential Internet. It is about continuous innovation and being a market leader by offering customers a superior product, which delivers the fastest Internet speeds to MDUs throughout Australia.

“It is the residential Internet game-changer by offering a product that is truly Different Better” he said. Owner’s Corporations wanting to have their apartment buildings connected with Spirit UFi are advised to
visit Spirit’s website at


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