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In case it wasn’t already obvious Why choose Spirit Private Networks?

Private networks are exactly that – private. That’s why so many Australian businesses are choosing private networks from Spirit. Our multi-layered solutions guarantee better security and performance. It’s a win-win. 

Spirit Private Networks deliver the highest-performance, highest-availability network fabric to your business for your critical business applications.

From full or partial mesh, hub-and-spoke or site-to-site designs, Spirit Private Networks deliver whichever architecture works best for you. 

Our solutions are designed to work even harder for your business than you. No one-size-fits all here – it’s not really our style.

Your network, your way

Full or partial mesh, hub-and-spoke or site-to-site, Spirit’s Private Networks can cater to whatever architecture works best for your business.

Improved performance

With all links controlled by Spirit, we can ensure your applications are prioritised for best performance. No more dropped voice calls or garbled video conferences. Just great performance.

In case you were wondering…Here’s what is included

Ignore everything your mum told you. Well, not everything. But definitely the part about sharing. In an age where our online security is a growing concern, there has never been a better time to stop sharing and switch to a private network. Or even better – a private network powered by Spirit.

Our private networking solutions will help you create scalable growth. We can leverage your existing network and spectrum assets through flexible deployment models, all tailored to serve various scenarios.

We offer flexible deployment for various verticals Australia-wide, helping businesses ensure secure communication with full control of coverage, devices and quality of services.

Like what you see? We thought you might. Spirit Private Networks are:


  • Control office traffic by directing to a central Data Centre, or establish site-to-site connectivity
  • Deploy Quality-of-Service to ensure application performance
  • Deploy advanced SD-WAN over your private network for best-of-breed security, performance and customisation


  • Suitable for deployment of AWS Direct Connect and Azure Express route
  • Direct, private connectivity to public cloud environments
  • Centralised gateway and/or firewall optional

Pick your network

  • Layer-3 multipoint
  • Layer-2 multipoint
  • Layer-2 point-to-point

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