Horsham & Morwell have been chosen as the first regional cities in Australia to get a taste of 5G tech and Sky-Speed Internet, thanks to funding from the Victorian State Government and your local councils.

What we're Bringing To The Table

Sky 100/100

Mbps from $295/Month + GST

Sky 250/250

Sky 250/250

Sky 500/500

Mbps from $515/Month + GST

Sky 1

Gbps & Beyond from $950/Month + GST

We’re thrilled to have been awarded the projects, and as Australia’s leading Internet & IT provider, we’re giving your local community and businesses the same (well… actually better) access to Internet services as the country’s capital cities; finally bridging the digital divide.

For more about Horsham’s new Internet network –  Check out the blog
For more about Morwell’s new Internet network – Check out the blog

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