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We know you’re wondering…Why Spirit SD-WAN?

Spirit’s SD-WAN service brings your company network into the modern age (and leaves your competitors in the dust).

By deploying an SD-WAN solution from Spirit, you’ll regain complete control over your data and future-proof the network for your SaaS applications.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what makes Spirit SD-WAN perfect for Aussie businesses like yours:

Curious?Here’s what’s included

Want partial control of your network?… We didn’t think so either. Gain complete control over your Wide Area Network (WAN) through software defined networking from Spirit. 

Our SD-WAN puts the power of your network back in your hands. The solutions can bundle multiple network links in active/active or active/standby mode, direct traffic according to link performance, and secure your traffic through high grade encryption. 

SD-WAN nodes are deployed to every branch and data centre in your network, acting as a single aggregation point for all WAN services at your site. The security and traffic forwarding policies for your location are then configured based on your requirements, and the configuration is then pushed down to the branch SD-WAN node. All so we can deliver industry leading performance you can count on.

Our solution means that policies can be shared between multiple sites, allowing uniform security and data forwarding approaches for your business. Cloud SaaS applications can also be directly accessed via local break-out to the Internet, increasing performance without compromising on your business’ all-important security. 

Spirit SD-WAN solutions are designed to suit Australian businesses of all shapes and sizes:

We’ll take care of it

  • Fully managed service available
  • Central management and configuration
  • Zero-touch provisioning for fast rollout and replacement

Performance you can count on

  • Carrier agnostic – deploy on any existing Internet connection
  • Performance based application routing
  • Multi-WAN failover

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