We’re upgrading our whole network to increase speeds more than ten times for customers, and allow new areas and new customers to ‘get the Spirit!’

We here at Spirit have one goal. To show as many Australians as possible that there is a genuine alternative to the NBN. You don’t have to settle for a slow, already out of date fixed-line carrier. Sky-speed, fixed wireless Internet is what it’s all about, and we’ve taken yet another giant leap towards being Australia’s leading NBN alternative with the introduction of our 10 Gigabit ring upgrade.

What is the 10 Gigabit ring upgrade?

To put it simply, we’re upgrading our network with better technology that will be able to provide customers with our services more than 10 times faster than what they are used. We’ll be replacing third party, single gigabit services with our own super-fast network.

Looking to get hooked up in your office? We’ve become a true Internet redundancy service for business customers. Our Redundancy as a Service (RaaS) solution is a reliable backup Internet service that isn’t impacted by fibre outages and it will now be even faster than ever before.

This is only just the beginning.

We asked our Chief Technology Officer Dainen Keogh, who is leading the charge on this upgrade and he says that for Spirit customers, 10 Gbps speeds are only the beginning. “These single gigabit services that our customers are currently receiving are being upgraded with a network that is wholly owned by Spirit, making us a genuine alternative to fixed-line carriers like the NBN. Our new network will increase in speed and range by a factor of 10, meaning we will be able to at a minimum, service 10 times more customers with super-fast internet.”

As Dainen mentioned, range is a big factor in this upgrade. Not only will our network be at minimum 10 times faster, but we will also now be able to increase our network radius at a minimum of 10 times thanks to higher-powered, fixed wireless and beamforming technology. This means more Australians will be able to connect to our Sky-Speed, super-fast network than ever before.

Even more upgrades coming soon.

“Our high-speed core network is built on the idea of a fixed wireless Internet service, meaning we can service customers in areas without fibre optics” continued Dainen. “So for those Australians suffering through a NBN or DSL connection, you can look forward to us providing you with a high-speed, fixed-radio connection in the near future”.

Phase 1 of this new network has just been activated in the Melbourne CBD. But don’t worry everyone else, we’ll get to you! Further phases will continue in areas where we are already available, in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Find out if you can get Spirit in your area here.

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